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Florida, South Dakota, and Texas Reject Mask Mandates: Say Goodbye to Vegas Tourism!


Since the CDC rolled out its latest mask guidelines this week, allowing our hack of a governor to reinstate mask mandates, a number of state Governors wisely came out and rejected the new CDC Guidelines, which is sure to cause even more chaos for our economy as tourists cancel trips to Las Vegas and choose destinations that still promote freedom and fun.

Florida, South Dakota and Texas all rejected the CDC guidelines saying they will not enforce CDC recommendations that are not based on science and data.

Say goodbye to a great deal of large events and conventions!

As mass cancellations start to hit Las Vegas, insiders say that there is already a flurry of actions within the travel and tourism industry to try to peal off larger trade show and tourism dollars from people who are feed up with Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak’s political games.

Conventions have been in limbo for over a year and a half now, and just as larger shows were starting to make plans for a comeback in Las Vegas, the whole industry has been turned upside down with a huge number of exhibitor and attendee cancellations, making the prospects of trying to plan a show in Las Vegas at any point over the next 12 months a financial gamble that many are starting to rethink.

Expect to see a large number of smaller shows cancel, they simply can’t afford to lose any more exhibitors or attendees. But it’s not just the small shows – our sources over at SHOT Show have told us that they are in a holding pattern now as many of their exhibitors and attendees have told them they will not be attending this winter if mask mandates and so-called COVID mandates are still in place.

While many of these tradeshows and events are locked into multiyear contracts, Florida and Texas are already pouncing on the opportunity to steal the shows once their contracts are up, and from what we are hearing many are ready to go! It’s doubtful SHOT Show, NFR, many of our smaller Rodeos and more freedom friendly events will remain in Vegas for much longer!

In their place… well we already see what is happening to Vegas — the return of the low-class ghetto visitors who don’t spend money, don’t tip, and do nothing but spread chaos throughout our city!

Unless small business owners fight back now AND REJECT ALL MANDATES, we are done as a thriving city!

Latest news from Sisolak’s behind the scenes directives to reenact mask mandates, shut downs and use the Casinos to Force Vaccinations!