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Fights, Stampedes, Robberies, Overwhelmed Medical Staff at Ghetto ‘Lovers and Friends’ Festival in Las Vegas

Lovers And Friends Fest

While police are saying they are still investigating the incident, multiple people were injured at the ‘Lovers and Friends’ Festival in Las Vegas on Saturday after reports of gunfire caused the crowd to stampede towards the exits. Multiple witnesses claim they heard gunfire right after a group of people started fighting near one of the stages.

The chaos came after a day of turmoil for medical staff, who dealt with hundreds of people who were passing out from heat exhaustion because the venue not only allowed people without tickets to overrun the gates but also provided no shade or water for attendees who claim they were treated worse than cattle.  

Even before the reported shooting and stampede, people had already begun to flee the festival as stretchers could be seen carrying people out throughout the day. Festivalgoers who we talked to said they feared another Travis Scott Astroworld Festival style incident, after seeing security and medical personal overwhelmed and people without tickets storming the gates.

A women who attended yesterday’s event told us she choose not to go back today after seeing a complete breakdown in order at the show. “People were passing out everywhere”, she told us, “There was no water, no shade, the asphalt was radiating the 100+ degree temperatures, and they started charging people with heat exhaustion $5 for a cup of ice. It was insanity, they should not be allowed to have shows there, it’s not a music venue it’s a death trap.” She told us. ” I saw stretchers going by me all day, they are not telling people the real story of what happened.”

She went on to describe the stampede at the end of the night, ” I was feeling pretty bad already and probably should have left, but my friends wanted to see Ludacris. Then we heard what sounds like gunfire, people started screaming bloody murder, and people just started running over each other trying to get away.”

Looting and Robberies at ‘Lovers and Friends’ Festival

A bartender who was working the event told us, “there were tons of robberies and no one was doing anything to stop these people from robbing us. People were just openly grabbing bottles of liquor from us, grabbing our tips and then when the fights started people just rushed the bars and started basically looting us.” “They were grabbing everything, bottles of liquor and our tip buckets.”

Other festivalgoers say they had no idea what to do, and say they were confused after the show started putting up messages telling people to stay in place that there was a security incident.

Other festivalgoers took to social media claiming there is a coverup of what really happened, because the festival is desperate to not have to cancel today’s events. Others questioned why Metro and the county would allow the event to continue.


  1. All of this is terrible and the people in charge definitely did a half *ss job but I have to wonder if this had happened at an EDM concert would you be using the word ghetto. Probably not, the subtle racism continues.

    • Or maybe they called it ghetto, because it was ghetto…? I was doing ride-share there …looked pretty “ghetto” to me.

  2. Channel 8 reports there was no toilet paper.

    Offering a free abortion to a pregnant 16 year old black or brown person is considered progressive and caring. Offering $500 for black and brown teenagers to be sterilized is racist and mean spirited. Of course both situations means there are fewer black and brown people. Replacement theory?

  3. This article is inaccurate. I was there. There were no gunshots, it was most likely pyrotechnics from Usher’s entrance bit or a speaker crackling. The heat was unbearable, but they eventually allowed ticket holders to come and go from the festival as we pleased to allow us to go to nearby venues to cool off. There was free water all over the venue, but you had to have your own receptacle, which was bad planning, especially because the water was hot as it came from the taps. There were not people rushing the gates as indicated in this article. We were there most of the day and security was checking tickets at every entrance. Also, we didn’t witness any fights or robberies. There WERE people passing out from the heat and that should be better planned for next time, but other than that it was overall a good time.

  4. Those WERE gunshots. I was also there. It was not a speaker crackling or pyro from Usher’s set when he wasn’t on stage. He was late to perform. A wave of people came running toward us and I heard those shots. Security was a joke. No one checked our bags, no one scanned tickets. Don’t downplay in the comments what was a very real and traumatic experience.

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