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Fights and Complete Chaos at Allegiant Stadium for US vs Mexico Soccer Game

Allegiant Stadium Fight

Over the weekend, Allegiant Stadium hosted a soccer match between the US and Mexico. By all accounts, the stadium has become a complete disaster that invites the worst of Las Vegas in for a night of fist fights and complete chaos.

Besides the usual bullshit you see from these soccer fans, tensions were pushed to the limits as 65,000 people had to walk over a mile to and from the stadium, because Clark County and Steve Sisolak never bothered to care if people actually had a place to park.

Dozens of fights reported throughout the stadium!

65,000 people were herded together outside the stadium, because zero planning went into figuring out what to do with people before and after an event!

While Clark County Commissioners and Governor Steve Sisolak target small business owners for destruction, by implementing business killing mask mandates and threatening new capacity limit mandates, it seems Allegiant Stadium – home of the Las Vegas Raiders – has gotten a free pass to ignore the mandates.

Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft
Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft who not only pushed for the mask mandate but is also pushing for capacity limits and mandatory vaccinations didn’t seem to concerned about the so-called pandemic as he toured Allegiant stadium without his mask most of the time!

Not only were many of our local politicians there who insist that the COVID pandemic is so dangerous we need a new round of mandates at the game, but they didn’t seem to care that about half of the place was mask free and none of them seem to be talking about the dozens of fights throughout the stadium. While we love that so many people decided to say fuck you to our local hypocrites like Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft, how this is being enforced by the County and the Governor yet again shows the whole thing is nothing but political theater.