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Fashion Show Mall rebranding to focus on ‘inclusivity’

FSLV Fashion Show Mall

Remember the good old days when malls were places you could go to buy products that you wanted? Well, not anymore. This week Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip announced they are rebranding themselves to promote the ideology of inclusivity.

As part of their rebranding, to make sure that everyone including losers without money feel welcome inside their WOKE mall – cue fights and riots in 5,4,3,2,1…. – the mall will no longer be worried about things like pushing products, no they will make sure that  “personal expression” and “creativity while promoting the ideology of fearlessness and inclusivity,” are the main things you get out of shopping at the mall, according to General Manager Brent Gardner.

“We strive to be a destination that welcomes every shopper and provides unique experiences at every turn,” Gardner said in a statement. “The world around us is continuously changing, and as we work to grow and evolve with our industry and community, we are excited to continue our efforts by creating unrivaled events and offerings all while re-introducing our brand to the world.”

The new mall will “redefine what fashion means”, because how dare you say what looks good. Fashion is apparently now racist!

And to help take the “Fashion” out of Fashion Show mall, and make everyone feel “included” — even the homeless guy who will now feel good about his fashion sense as he wanders into the mall, tattered shirt and ass hanging out of his freshly soiled pants, Fashion Show mall has now dropped the word from their logo, and introduced what is quite possibly the ugliest ass logo ever to be unveiled – but we know, saying it’s ugly is now not inclusive…

We give you FSLV…

Maybe someone from FSLV, should head on down the street to Meadows Mall and ask them how that whole catering to people without money thing is working out…

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