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Store Owner wards off three Robbers with a knife, stabs one multiple times  at Las Vegas Smoke Shop

Robbery at Vegas Smoke Shop

On Tuesday, around 3:30 p.m., a robbery was reported at the Smokestrom Smoke Shop near the 4500 block of West Sahara Avenue. Police are investigating the incident but so far have released no information on what happened.

Our sources tell us that three men attempted to rob the store, and store owner Johnny Nguyen grabbed one after jumping the counter and started stabbing him multiple times. Additionally, our sources tell us that a video released this morning from Andy Ngô on Twitter shows security footage of the robbery and the stabbing.

Vegas has become a Warzone!

While the media has attempted to bury this story, after all you wouldn’t want the public knowing they can fight back, these types of robberies have now become a daily occurrence in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has become a downright dangerous place to be. From the shootings on Fremont Street to the No-Go Zones taken over by gangs and homeless addicts on the strip, our local media and our local leaders seem unwilling to do anything to address what’s really going on.

Here are just a handful of the stories we have reported on since the start of this year.

Backup Video in case Twitter Bans it:


  1. Pretty sure this guy is a ninja!

    So awesome. I hope more store owners start doing this, time to fix the country ourselves. If the cops won’t do it, and we know the democrats will not do it, I say good for this guy! HERO!!!!

    • 100% agree. We the people need to start taking back the country. Time to bring back old west posses and old west justice. We have become a nation of sissies and it is high past time we man up.

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  2. You’re a pussy if you think Vegas has “ no-go zones” Maybe you should leave town for someplace safer, with more pussy ass white people like yourself. We don’t like you out-of-towners anyway

  3. Well this comment thread sure turned ugly. Hopefully the smoke shop employee won’t be charged with anything.

    • You are sooooo wright about this thread. Let’s take color out of the equation for just a minute. What we have here( in my opinion ) is a couple of dumbass who tried to take something the easy way,(instead of trying to work to get what the need in life) and let me say I don’t condone this behavior at all but do understand that some people are pushed to their limits in life and start to choose the wrong path.These three did not have weapons out, these three were not aggressive ,they did not attack the store owner. In the video it all appears to be younger males, store owner included. He made a huge mistake ,the store owner. He the store owner ( in my opinion) should not have stab that kid. Not only could he destroy the rest of his life ,the store owner but could have killed someone who was just desperate and obviously not thinking clearly. Again I do not condone the behavior but 100% believe that there was way too much force used.

      • You desperately Rob a weed store? GTFOH…..theft is theft…..you come at me jumping my counter, I woulda shot you graveyard dead, looks like he’s knife dead….good riddance

      • I believe a lot of people make mistakes. This kid, supposedly 17 years old will be lucky to live this one and HOPEFULLY turn it around.

        I hate that he got stabbed like that, because he’s a kid and probably just young and stupid, you know??? everyone makes mistakes, some bigger than others, but he didn’t seem like a career criminal (Yet anyways) but also.. he just didn’t get lucky

        That was an excess amount of stabs but thankfully the store owner called the cops rather fast instead of letting him bleed out.

        Kid should’ve never tried stealing all that weed. Its not a necessity. I could see stealing food, maybe even money as desperation. but a weed shop???

        nah. Hope he makes it and turns it around.

      • It was 3 v 1 which is a disparity of power, The store owner is fully justified in using a weapon. As to your claim the robbers weren’t violent, that’s absolutely wrong. The act of robbing someone is violence weather it’s strong arm robbery or armed robbery, you treat them the same, your life is in danger and you act accordingly. You never gamble with your life and give a criminal the benefit of the doubt, that’s just reckless and foolish. Those 3 surrendered their right to life the moment they robbed that store. When a would be thief sees this, he’ll think twice before robbing a store, is your life worth it?

      • Is that a joke that the store owner didn’t need to use force????? They came into his house (store) to cause him harm!! Wether it was to rob from him or hurt him or whatever they were attempting to do…… he had every right to defend himself and his property. Should he have waited to ask them what they were doing??? Wtf!! Come into my house uninvited!!!!!!! In my opinion they are lucky to have gotten out of there alive.

  4. This thread really got me thinking about the strange stuff people were conditioned to think. “White is bad” “Black is bad” Isn’t that ridiculous? Instead of blaming gigantic corporations that drain you of your money, or a bunch of people with the power to do whatever that want to you and your family, you blame the disadvantaged.

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    One person thinks all black people are awful, another believes all white people are awful. How about, awful people are awful people?
    If you still think you can correctly judge a person by the color of their skin, you’re a coward. It’s probably something you learned as a kid and never questioned. You’ve been too afraid to think there is a world beyond what you know. So, you’ve lived in the same place your whole life, doing the same thing as everyone you’ve ever known thinking the same crap they did.

    Think for yourself and ask yourself if you’re as right as you think you are.

    Or maybe you’re just an alcoholic.

    • If you live in the US we all live in luxury compare to most of the world. Even our working poor. You need to travel some and see what the world is like. All of us born or legally living in the U.S. are privileged beyond belief. appreciate it, cause if it’s taken from us you will pray for these days.

  5. Absolute fucking psychopath. In no danger whatsoever, just wanted to kill someone with that knife.

    No property is worth that, especially someone else’s. Its not even his store. Monster.

  6. Holy fucking shit this article is applauding this? You’re a fucking psychopath too. It’s just fucking money and cigarettes you fucking loser. Nobody’s life is worth some cigarettes owned by some shitcunt shareholders on wallstreet have you lost your goddamn mind?

    • They are stealing from a small business owner not some giant corporation. Would you rather this guy not be able to pay his bills or afford to feed himself or his family? For all you know maybe this is a reoccurring issue and the owner is tired of dealing with it. Also you can say the same thing about the robbers. It’s just cigarettes and petty change. Not worth risking your life over it.

      If only the owner had a gun, he could’ve just brandished it and poasibly just scared these wannabe thugs away.

    • Don’t threaten people’s lives and rob them if you don’t want to be shot or stabbed. The second you decide to try to victimize someone you lose your rights and deserve what ever happens to you.

    • I’m a liberal Democrat. I feel bad for the thief. He didnt deserve to be stabbed. The store owner should have let him take his merchandise. Oh and also …Defund the police and more gun control for law abiding people.

      • Says the person never owned anything or had his stuff taken by some degenerate! Tough enough to get things you need or to make a livelihood, only to have some scummy punks try to wrestle it from you.

    • Things are changing, you little commie. The time will come when you low class trash will be dealt with in the same manner for these types stunts on a large scale.

  7. Ski masked robbers jumping over the counter? I’m not waiting to find out if you have a gun. Fuck that, this guy did exactly what he should have. Good riddance.

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  11. Reading a lot of these comments seem to be written by a bunch of uneducated morons, comments and thought like this is what is eroding a civil society

  12. This whole comment section making a racist stupid comments are festering to hate this dividing the nation and making it worse the boys as far as I know we’re white, (i’m white I think I know) kids played stupid games, got a stupid prize, shop owner was well within his rights he pleaded with them to leave the coins cause he needed those and they took those anyway just be a**whipes And then jumped over the counter and we’re like we’re taking everything you got doesn’t matter if you “need it” This was not about race this was not about the robbers needing the stuff from the store you don’t rob a weed store when you’re a need the only time you rob a weed store as when you want something you can’t have there’s a difference between a need and a want, The fact that the shop owner was so calm about it, tells me that this is happened one too many times and he was sick of it, sick of feeling helpless, sick of being taken advantage of, just sick of all of it. There’s no need for all this racist crap in the comments, again I see comments sayin there’s about to be a race war? Gee I wonder why (points at the specifically racist comments)

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  14. I am deeply saddened by all the comments here today. The shop owner, or employee, had to make a decision to survive or die. When they decided to rob the store they decided to accepted whatever the outcome may be, and the outcome was not good for one of the robbers. If I worked at this store I would have protected myself too! If you keep allowing strong arm robberies they will never stop! If fact, robberies will never stop, because their will always be someone who makes a wrong decision or someone who has nothing and is trying to survive themselves. But that doesn’t give them the right to take without asking or threatening someone’s life. I have a family and I want to come home to them every night. Please stop the racist comments we are all people, in a country, and one day we may all have to be on the same side. With all the things going on in the world, stop the violence against our own countrymen/women! Even if they are not citizens, they still live here, and if we go to war with China, Russia, or North Korea, we all will have to fight to save our families and our country.

    • 20,000 murders in 2020. About 10,000 Black (15% of population) 7500 White (60%).
      Remember the concern that cops spend “too much time dealing with attractive white women (van women)”. …and not enough time dealing with Black crime victims??? Well if police are doing their job they would be pulling over more Black people to solve the massive and disproportionate number of Black murders.

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      • your comment “out of caves” ventured out of Africa – caves are found in mountainous regions whereas Africa is a Plains environment. Yes… even millions of years ago. Cave paintings have been discovered in France, Spain, Portugal, England, Italy… all other areas except Africa. right? you do realize that?

    • People are leaving where and going to where? I don’t see a lot of folks going south. Eeeklk!!! Lamont Arbury, George Floyd! (Let’s not talk about 10k b on b murders a year)

  16. I dont blame any of you for thinking its a racial problem. The US has been convincing people all other races are “evil” and “murderers” for many many years if you read the history (if any of you can even read). How else would they get you to buy this “American Dream” bullshit. Have fun feeding someone else’s agenda. It feels good because you have no power in the world.

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      • You should do a bit more research on racial crime instead of spouting your “didn’t even happen” nonsense. There are roughly 400k racial violent crimes between blacks and whites each year. Over 90% of those crimes are commit against whites by blacks. If that isn’t lopsided enough, just take into account that there are nearly 5x more whites in the US than blacks. Source: National Crime Victimization Survey

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