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EDC to Require Proof of vaccination or COVID test at event with Open Drug Use, Deaths and Overdoses!

electric daisy carnival Las Vegas

The Electric Daisy Carnival, a festival that is notorious for allowing open drug use, having mass-drug overdose hospitalizations, and yearly deaths at their festival announced today that they will require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to be admitted into their annual outdoor drug fest at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in October.

But don’t worry Drug Addicts, you will still be able to take your Molly, Heroin, and Fentanyl into the show so that you can proudly overdose and overwhelm our hospital systems with your stupidity!

Isn’t it ironic that a show designed for drug addicts and anonymous sex is now pretending to care about your health and safety?

Health and Safety? EDC Deaths, Tens of Thousands of Drug-induced Medical Events, and Overdoses since it Started!

Isn’t it odd how the event organizers and the morons on the Clark County Commission are requiring proof of vaccination, but don’t seem to care about the people who will overdose and overwhelm the hospital system at this year’s show?

Since the festival started, multiple people have died as a result of drug-related events during the festival, some as young as 15-years old. And every year, over 1,000 people require medical attention at the show – most drug-related. Back in 2017, The LA Times linked multiple deaths directly to Insomniac events.

But somehow that Clark County Commissioners, the event organizers Insomniac, and founder Pasquale Rotella don’t seem to care about those “health hazards” and deaths!

What about other medical screenings? I mean this is about health and safety, right?

Oh you poor simpletons, why would they screen for STDs or ask for a clean STD test for the thousands of people who take part in anonymous sex and orgies inside the show? And why would they require drug tests, screen for drugs on entry, or stop drug use at the show? I mean come on, as long as they have the vaccine while they are ODing in the back of an ambulance, everything is good!

No STD test Required!
EDC Tents
No STD tests required for the Orgy Tents!

Deaths, Tens of Thousands of Drug-Related Medical Events at Insomniac and Live Nation Events.

When the Clark County Commissioners and Governor Steve Sisolak tell you these vaccine passports are for the health and safety of the public, and when Insomniac and Live Nation impose vaccine passports at their events, just remember that dozens of people die, and thousands have drug-related medical episodes at their events every year.

In 2017,  Terry and Gayline Tom, sued Insomniac Holdings and Live Nation Entertainment alleging what politicians and the Clark County Commission have known for decades, the organizers of EDC and the ticketing company are not only negligent in running their festivals, but they know people are going to overdose, have life long medical problems, and die as a result of their events.

Terry and Gayline Tom’s son, a UC Irvine graduate, died of an MDMA overdose at the 2015 EDC festival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. His parents claim the medical tent was empty, and their son was left laying on the floor without medical attention for an hour. That year more than 1,400 medical calls were requested and more than two dozen people were taken to the hospital, according to the lawsuit.

EDC’s Underage Problem: Teen Deaths, Rapes, Sexual Assaults and Overdoses

It’s well known that a large number of very young teenage girls attend EDC and Insomniac events. The company does virtually nothing to stop it. Sadly, every year these girls overdose, are raped, and some have even died at EDC, including 15-year-old Sasha Rodriguez who died of an ecstasy overdose.

The event has been described by industry insiders as “one giant nursery designed to babysit teenagers for three days.” In fact, it’s been a well-known “Secret” that the event was filled with drugged-up underage kids since the event started years ago in Los Angeles. Back in 2011, The Los Angeles Times reported that EDC was selling liquor to teenagers. When the deaths, underage drinking, and teenage drug use at EDC were exposed, organizers quickly moved the festival to Las Vegas, where they’ve gone virtually unchecked by our local media.

Editors Comments: We have zero problems with EDC being held in Las Vegas, grown adults should be able to do what they want and make up their own minds on what risky behaviors they choose to partake in; what we do have a problem with is hypocrisy!

  • The hypocrisy of a company pretending they care about health and safety when they know thousands of people are going to overdose and some will die at their shows every year.
  • The hypocrisy of a company that allows young, underage teenage girls to be drugged, raped, and die inside their events!
  • The hypocrisy of mandating proof of COVID vaccination and testing but not mandating STD screenings, Hepatitis vaccines, TB screening, or drug screenings!
  • The Hypocrisy of the Clark County Commissioners and our Governor allowing an event that they know will result in multiple deaths, and thousands of drug overdoses and medical events, while at the same time threatening to bankrupt small business owners over a stupid mask mandate that has done nothing to stop the so-called pandemic!


  1. Lol, your perspective does not sound fun. When I think of raves, I think P.L.U.R.(Peace Love Unity Respect) ? I’ve been going to raves since 1999 and went to EDC in 2009… I danced and had a great time without drugs. Having said that, I have done drugs at raves but I do it responsibly & there’s definitely NOT the slightest hint of “Out of control anonymous sex with strangers” or however you put it. You sound like an 80 year old grandma who’s never been to a rave. Sorry… I’m not being very PLUR but the way you look at raves is just some world I’ve never seen or heard of and is NOT what it’s all about. I could go on with my entire point and I’m frankly just sick of typing right now. Haha, spread Peace, Love, Unity, Respect #PLUR ?

    • To clarify, I know bad things happen but it’s not like a widespread outta control Jerry Springer pandemic at raves. I suppose it depends on the company you keep & the social circles your in. I gravitate to… not that my friend. LMFAO ?

  2. Only takes a few extra grains of fentanyl to kill. Bring your own supplies and don’t trust others, it can be added to anything. Bring your Narcan,….save a life.

  3. Hmm.. it’s funny how this is all apparently insomniacs fault when you actually are not allowed to bring food, drinks, alcohol, drugs or even an opened pack of cigarettes or vape pods into the festival. You aren’t even supposed to bring weed in, and it’s legal in Nevada. People sneak these things into the events, and I promise you people get very creative when it comes to hiding drugs to get past security. Gum, deodorant, chapstick, etc all has to be sealed in the original packaging or you have to throw it away or take it back to your car. There are almost 500,000 people who attend these events, so would you actually expect for every single drug to be found during security searches? You clearly have never been to EDC, or any rave festival for that matter, and honestly 1,000 out of 300,000-500,000 medical issues really is not bad, obviously it would be preferred for there to be no medical issues, but any festival no matter the genre or type there will be tons of medical issues whether it be injury, drug or alcohol related. After the 2010 incident at EDC in LA there were many, many steps taken to try and prevent things like this from happening, but unfortunately it is not anyone from insomniacs fault, it is the person who is taking the drugs. Drugs USED to be allowed at EDC and other insomniac events, but not they are not, therefore any drug overdoses and injuries are not in the hands of insomniac. Yes, there are people who go to these events to get fucked up but 9/10 people there are there for the experience and the music.

  4. You know a lot of people go to edc sober right? You buffoon. You really spent all that time to type a whole article talking trash about people enjoying a music festival?

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