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Downtown Las Vegas Events Center Still Pushing COVID Vaccine Passports for Entry into Concerts

Downtown Las Vegas Events Center

Last night, thousands of brainwashed retards were herded into the Downtown Events Center like a bunch of vaccinated cattle to watch something that supposedly resembled music, as the Downtown Events Center management decided to go all out with their plans to require either negative COVID tests or proof of full vaccination to attend concerts.

After last nights idiocy, The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, which is owned and operated by Derek and Greg Stevens, the same casino developers and owners of The D Las Vegas, Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, and the Circa Resort & Casino, announced two more concerts that will ban anyone from entry if they are “WITHOUT PROOF OF 1ST VACCINATION OR NEGATIVE PCR TEST TAKEN WITHIN 72 HOURS OF ENTRY”. And those that are not vaccinated, but are proven negative via testing, will still be required to wear the compliance mask so they can be shamed for not taking the experimental vaccine like a good little brainwashed sheep!

These assholes are going all out with the vaccination propaganda. Sadly we live in a world where thousands of morons in age groups that have zero chance of dying from the fairytale virus are now more than willing to shove an experimental vaccine needle into their arm to watch computer generated noise!

Here is how the next drug fueled “concert”, Cosmic Gate is being promoted…

Downtown Las Vegas Events Center vaccine for concerts
Wow, sounds super fun!

The irony here is 95% of these people will be high out of their minds, putting all sorts of pills, bath salts, MDMA, LSD, and poisons into their bodies while pretending they care about health and safety. According to the the International Journal of Drug Policy, about 40% of the people who attend these EDM end up suffering adverse effects from the drugs they take –something that is pretty much required to listen to this crap for hours on end.

According to Lewis Nelson, chair of emergency medicine at the New Jersey Medical School at Rutgers University and co-author of a study on drug use at EDM events, many of these morons end up in the emergency room after taking bath salts, thinking they were using Molly.

“While we couldn’t deduce to what extent adverse effects occurred at these parties, these are high-risk venues due to a combination of drug use and environmental factors,” he says. “Dancing for hours, hot temperatures, and dehydration appear to exacerbate the risk for adverse effects among those who use drugs.”

But hey, it’s all about health and safety, right?

Oh wait, the owners of The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center only screened for masks, PCR Tests and Vaccines while letting all sorts of illegal drugs pour into the event — never mind, I guess this is just about brainwashing a bunch of fucking drug-addicted idiots into accepting tyranny!