Home Government Door to Door Vaccine FEMA surge response teams arrive in Vegas!

Door to Door Vaccine FEMA surge response teams arrive in Vegas!

FEMA Troops in Las Vegas

Last week we told you how Governor Steve Sisolak asked the federal government to send FEMA surge response teams to Nevada to go door to door harassing the unvaccinated into taking the COVID shot; we can now confirm that those teams are on the ground in Las Vegas undergoing training at UNLV’s Philip J. Cohen Theater.

Michelle White, Sisolak’s chief of staff, said at the briefing “What FEMA’s going to do is really help support and enhance those efforts on the ground from Nevadans that are really leading the charge in the communities and know these targeted areas, both based on data and based on being Nevadans and knowing the messages that Nevadans want to hear,” she said.

FEMA is working with two “national, non-governmental organizations” as well as AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps, the Nevada Division of Emergency Management and the Nevada Department Health and Human Services, said Lynn Hatcher, a spokesperson with Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nev.’s office.

This comes as the State of Nevada, Governor Steve Sisolak, and the Clark County Commission basically admitted that the magic fairytale vaccine doesn’t actually work, otherwise why would they today have announced that all vaccinated people need to start wearing masks indoors again?

If the magic jab worked, why would these brainwashed masses need to mask up?

According to a Study out of the UK, cases in the un-vaccinated are dropping while those who took the magic jab are getting COVID at alarming levels. In fact, Vaccinated people now make up almost 47% of all new Covid cases! Of course our local media refuses to look at these numbers!

UK Case Count comparison