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Broken Monuments, Trashed Hotels, Garbage in the Streets – Welcome to Sisolak’s New Las Vegas

Kicked in Wall

From a tourist destination and business oasis that once attracted some of the richest people in the world and gave visitors the illusion of glitz and glamour to a shithole overrun by gangs, degenerate drug addicts, disease-ridden bums, and people bent on destroying our city, Las Vegas now looks more like a third-world country than a place to put on your travel bucket list.

Today, you can’t walk the Las Vegas strip without being bombarded by signs telling you to mask up and bizarre recordings telling people to maintain their social distance. But the so-called pandemic is the least of your worries, you are far more likely to be assaulted by homeless, disease-ridden, drug addicts or the criminals gangs that our local leaders have allowed to run wild throughout our town than catch the “cold” that shut down the nation.

For over a year now, since the Steve Sisolak Shutdowns started, Vegas has been plagued by record violence, stabbings, shootings, more shootings, and even murders. Sadly, that trend looks like it’s already starting to heat up as we head into the second summer of COVID bullshit.

Out of desperation to keep the violence and chaos out of their resorts, some casinos like the Cosmopolitan have restricted access to “hotel guests” and people who hold a rewards card with the resort.

Restricted Access at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

We all know who they are trying to keep out, unfortunately, it’s not stopping that crowd from coming to Vegas. Instead of being inside of the Casinos – some of which now resemble ghost towns – they have taken to the streets assaulting tourists, and literally tearing down our cities monuments and infrastructure.

While walking the strip last night, we not only witnessed multiple arrests and people trying to start fights, but we also saw people who came here with the sole purpose of destroying our city, our infrastructure, and the monuments in front of the Casinos.

Kicked in tiles at Caesars Palace
If you are curious to why most of the escalators have stopped running on the Strip, it’s likely due to people kicking in the walls and control panels that run them!
Gangs destroying Las Vegas Infrastructure
More walls punched in by criminal gang members on the Flamingo/Caesars Las Vegas Blvd. Overpass. They were attempting to get into the elevator controls.

This is the real Las Vegas under Sisolak that the media refuses to show you!

Sadly, this is only a fraction of what we have seen/caught or has been sent to us, you can see more here and here, but again, even that only scratches the surface of what is happening in Las Vegas and what the media is refusing to show you!