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Desert Oasis High School put on lockdown after report of AK47 on Campus

CCSD Police

Desert Oasis High School was placed on lockdown Wednesday afternoon while Clark County School District police investigated a report of a weapon on campus. Students took to social media claiming a student brought an AK47 to school. Witnesses in the classroom claim the student pulled a firearm out of a bag, when she did that the magazine reportedly fell out and she panicked.  

This afternoon the school’s principal confirmed that they were investigating reports of guns on campus in an email notifying parents of the situation. Officers were already on campus when the report about a “weapon” came in about 11:30 p.m.

The following statement was sent from the school’s principal to parents:

This is Jennifer Boeddeker, Principal of Desert Oasis High School.

The safety of our students is the number one priority. As always, we want to keep you informed of important issues happening within our school community.

The school is on a lockdown out of an abundance of caution as CCSD Police investigate a report of a weapon on campus.

Students are safe in their classrooms and continuing with regular instruction with minimal disruptions. We will provide and update as soon as it is available.

Thank you for your patience.

A number of parents claim they were not only not informed by the school, but were blocked from the schools Facebook page for trying to ask the school what was going on.

CCSD claims no arrests: Video shows otherwise…

Video from inside the school, released via students who posted it on social media, shows a black female being cuffed, threatened with a taser, and arrested inside a Desert Oasis classroom.

The lockdown was lifted about 2 p.m., after officers finished searching the school and said they found no weapons and made no arrests — despite the online video showing them taking a suspect into custody.

In a press conference, CCSD police seemed more concerned with warning kids not to report these kinds of situations online, saying it causes confusion. But it seems the only ones confused (or covering up) what happened is the CCSD police force. They claimed they have no knowledge of the arrest or the video showing a young black female being arrested in a classroom at Desert Oasis High School.

This year alone, 23 firearms have been found on campus in CCSD schools.

Years of unreported violence, stabbings, riots and gunfire inside CCSD schools…

Sadly none of this is new for CCSD schools. For the last couple years, we have been covering the almost daily violence and assaults inside Las Vegas Schools. In the last month we have reported on:

While CCSD police were at Desert Oasis, we are told there was yet another assault and student beatdown at Legacy High School today.

Your Kids are not safe at CCSD Schools!

Please read our article on the benefits of homeschooling and how to homeschool your child in Las Vegas! Their lives depend on it!


  1. Astounding!! So they tell kids not to report. The kids who are reporting even via social media… yes we want them to be upstanders and reporting isn’t snitching. How dare the higher ups say it causes confusion.. yet they do nothing and the tiny fragment of the truths of these babies finally make their way out into cyber world. The kids are the ones who are “doing something and saying something” by all means. It is you CCSD who continues to ignore and leaves your staff, parents and caregivers not knowing what to do. Please keep being upstanders kids. Rather than hit record..l run…run and tell as well. Families report to safevlice, the police dept and the attorney generals office. Kids intervene if safe and possible to do so before hitting record.

  2. many reaching out to CCSD schools.. Las Vegas can’t grasp the human rights concept of all kids unless high profile politics is involved it appears. .

    Now magically a wand is waved when Sheriff Lombardo is up for election and doesn’t attend anything.. 4 million and gate busters and more to the Harbor. Putting price tags on kids. It may seem and may be a fact that kids and schools black and Latino are dealing with more of this crap. Look no further than how funding is determined, the voices of kids who reach out to the lone social worker or school psychologist falls on deaf ears.. next comes the referral.

    It is the woke “savior complex” that continues to be the plight… seen it and lived it. 30 plus years being a parent and the systems are in place not in the way anyone thinks as the media stokes division and over race baits everything especially here in Las Vegas I’ve seen. I sure hope people stop being afraid to say Native American, Hispanic, black, white, Asian, Asian Pacific Islander, mixed heritage.and please stop lumping heritage into political constructs.

    The woke saviors only stay employed by keeping people down.. corporations get tax wright offs for being
    progressive” to pad their pockets. Sure hope that folks can understand that if you play into the color/race- baiting that the main
    stream media does across the USA, then you unfortunately are helping the agenda against anyone who is defined on the limits check boxes on drivers licenses and birth certificates born since 1968 who are only allowed to check one box and who may be more conservative and is thankful to be in the United States and proudly appreciates being an American.

    Being a decent human being regardless of what you look like isn’t hard.

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