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Nevada Democrats Pushing Legislation to Allow Illegal Aliens to operate as street food vendors.

Street food vendors selling food on Las Vegas Strip

In the latest attack on small business owners, Nevada State Senator Fabian Doñate and Nevada State Senator Edgar Flores have proposed legislation (SB92) that would allow illegal aliens to be licensed to operate as street food vendors on sidewalks and in front of legitimate businesses. Doñate and the Southern Nevada Health District are attempting to normalize people selling food out of coolers and cooking on makeshift firepits on sidewalks in front of actual businesses that pay taxes and rent.

“They almost bankrupted us with the shutdowns, the COVID mandates, and the capacity limits, and now they are allowing people who lack standard safety practices and equipment to set up shop in front of our businesses; it’s not right.” a downtown Las Vegas Restaurant owner who wishes to remain anonymous told us.

On Wednesday, illegal aliens gathered in at the Sawyer Building to watch as Sen. Fabian Doñate introduced the bill in Carson City.

“It’s incredibly difficult for folks to obtain the permits and the licenses right now,” Doñate said. “What we believe is that they should be treated with respect and dignity, and that’s what Senate Bill 92 will aim to do.”

Illegal Aliens cooking on the Las Vegas Strip
Make no mistake, these are not complaint food trucks they are talking about, they are talking bout legalizing disgusting unsanitary setups with no running water, no way to clean themselves, and no way to keep the food safe to eat!

If approved, the bill will allow illegal aliens and homeless addicts to continue selling on sidewalks, in parks, and on other public right-of-ways. The bill will “prohibit a governing body of a county or city 12 from: enforcing or enacting a complete prohibition on sidewalk vending; imposing criminal penalties for the act of sidewalk vending; or regulating sidewalk vendors.” The bill says you don’t even have to have a valid driver’s license or identification card, you will still get special treatment and be allowed to operate while the rest of the actual business owners in Nevada have to jump through hoop after hoop just to be allowed to operate.

“The SNHD is actively working with the bill sponsor on this issue, and we continue to work with street vendors to ensure they can operate safely, successfully, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations,” the health district said in a statement.

Simply Disgusting and Wrong!

We have been reporting on the issue for some time now, how illegal aliens and homeless drug addicts are already allowed to set up open firepits on the Las Vegas Strip where they cook spoiled and rotten foods that would never pass any kind of real health inspection.

Ironically, hard-working tax-paying business owners in Chinatown are continually harassed by the Southern Nevada Health District while they allow the chaos and filth on the Las Vegas Strip to go unchecked. The same Democrats who are pushing to allow illegal aliens and homeless addicts to operate in filth on sidewalks throughout Las Vegas are the same scumbags who targeted local bars, restaurants and Karaoke bars for destruction when they forced them to shut down during the scam pandemic!

I hope all those businesses who pay their taxes see what’s going on here and see who Nevada Democrats actually care about because it sure as hell is not you!

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