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Democrats give $25 Million in Free Rent to People Who Refuse to Work in Clark County

Steve Sisolak

The bid to buy votes has hit a fevered pitch here in Nevada, as Nevada Democrats have yet again stolen more money from hard-working people to pay the rent for people who refuse to work.

Ever since the so-called COVID crisis hit, Nevada democrats have allowed people to exploit the crisis as an excuse to not only quit their jobs but to screw their landlords as well. Today, democrat “lawmakers” approved another $25 million in federal relief funds from the American Rescue Plan to pay the rent and bills for people who are still pretending to be scared of COVID so they can stay at home and watch TV all day.

Since the program was enacted, Clark County democrats have stolen over $300 million in taxpayer money to provide rental and utility welfare. In April, Governor Steve Sisolak’s office pushed through over $250 million in taxpayer money stolen from the so-called federal American Rescue Plan to provide low-income housing to welfare bums.

Wonder how the Casinos are reporting record slot profits as small businesses go under?

Well, when Nevada taxpayers are now on the hook for COVID welfare programs that have paid for people’s rent for over two years, these bums have all sorts of money to spend at the casinos. So while you go poor, they get to party it up on your dime!

The democrats win, MGM Resorts wins, and yet again the hard-working people who pay for it all LOSE!

The governor’s office is planning to steal an additional $250 million for welfare housing programs from American Rescue Plan funds — they plan on putting the request in through the Interim Finance Committee later this year.

Buying Votes While Crashing the State and making it unlivable for Hard-Working Nevadans!

Meanwhile, small business owners and hard-working Nevadans who have been busting their asses throughout the democrat-created shutdowns and subsequent collapse of the economy are being assaulted by criminals and homeless addicts who will all benefit from more of our tax money.

As we reported last month, $93 million are already stolen from Clark County homeowners every year to pay for the homeless addicts who are allowed to drive tourists away from our state.

More property tax money goes to homeless drug addicts every year than goes to the Clark County Fire Service District. Between the so-called “State Indigent Trust” and the “Assistance to Indigent Persons” taxing entities, the County is budgeting $93,806,683 of your money for people who provide ZERO value to our society.


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