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Democrat Plant Joey Gilbert Sues, Claims he Won and an “illegal geometric formula” cost him the election.

Joey Gilbert Voter Fraud

In the never-ending saga of the drug addict democrat fundraiser, who somehow convinced people he was a MAGA conservative – by the way, even Trump has disavowed him – Joey Gilbert is now claiming he actually won the election and has filed a lawsuit, bizarrely claiming that an “illegal geometric formula” affected the vote-counting process.

One of his campaign managers, a woman who has chosen to follow Gilbert off the deep end, wrote, Joey Gilbert is the winner of the primary gubernatorial race and had over 55,000 votes taken from him. It’s a slam dunk case. We’ll post the suit, the exhibits, opinions, etc., as soon as the State publishes them.

Another campaign Surrogate, cryptocurrency activist Robert Beadles, claims, “We have four of the smartest, most credentialled mathematicians, computer science experts, statisticians, etc., who all agree, that we are 100% right. These academic giants would never, in a million years, jeopardize their life work, reputation, and accolades if they and we weren’t 100% right.”

These people are not only grifters but downright evil and trying to take advantage of people with severe mental illnesses. Last week, Gilbert used his campaign machine to send out a bunch of borderline psychopaths to protest Donald Trump and other Republican WINNERS at a Treasure Island Las Vegas campaign rally.

They have a database of people they know are off the rails and are using it to send these nutjobs out to do their bidding.

Sadly, one of the people he befriended and used, a man who confronted Sisolak earlier in the year and berated him inside a Las Vegas restaurant, took his own life last week. The Gilbert campaign has sunk so low that they are sending their surrogates to push a conspiracy theory that Sisolak had the guy killed, despite his friends saying he was severely mentally ill and had been talking about killing himself for quite some time.

The whole thing is so sad that we were not going to even cover it, but the fact that these people would sink this low is something that everyone who once supported him needs to be aware of.

It seems the Gilbert campaign is knowingly targeting and using severely mentally ill people to push his agenda. I guess none of this should be a shocker since, as we’ve reported for over a year now, Gilbert has used these same people to grow a Marijuana empire in Nevada, teaming up with Socialist scumbags like Tick Segerblom to become legal drug dealers and open up pot shops throughout Nevada.

So now, instead of focusing on defeating Sisolak in the next election, we have this democrat conman out there trying to destroy the Republican party and purposely trying to make everyone look insane! As we have said for over a year now, this is a direct callback to old Harry Reid tactics of totally trying to destroy the Republicans during the primaries, by running these fake candidates who are only there to cause trouble and help the democrats steal more elections!

There is no doubt we have severe issues with election integrity, but claiming bizarre things like “illegal geometric formulas” in a Republican primary that saw other conservatives like Adam Laxalt and Sigal Chattah win their races, seems like a desperate attempt to muddy the waters and allow democrats to say actual claims of election fraud are just crazy “conspiracy theories.”


  1. Hadn’t heard the guy who chewed Sissy out had died! Very sad.

    I have yet to hear from Fred Simon or Guy Nhora on this. Either of them would have made a better governor than Sissy, Lombardo, or Gilbert.

    Not too crazy about Laxalt as he is a 3rd generation politico and worked as a lobbyist after losing to Sissy. If he had won, I can’t help but wonder if he would have done some of the same things during the scamdemic of 2020.

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