Home Crime Democrat Operative Cardi B allowed to Throw Massive Maskless Parties in Vegas!

Democrat Operative Cardi B allowed to Throw Massive Maskless Parties in Vegas!

Cardi B

As the City of Las Vegas and Clark County officials continue to target, harass and shut down small businesses who are not in compliance with King Sisolak’s unconstitutional pandemic mandates, Democrat operatives, lowlifes, and gangster rappers are allowed free rein to do whatever they want throughout our city.

This weekend, Joe Biden’s degenerate democrat operative, Cardi B, was allowed to ignore the nightclub closures and turn multiple venues through the town into makeshift nightclubs, fully ignoring the occupancy and mask guidelines that the rest of us serfs are forced to submit to.

Feels like you are rolling the dice with your life even being on the strip!

While democrats are allowed to party in style, the Las Vegas Strip has been transformed into a virtual police state, but oddly it’s not the people who have been causing the issues who seem to be the ones who are being targeted and punished.

At multiple Strip properties, Las Vegas locals got caught up in the new so-called “safety measures” that Casinos like the Wynn, Cosmopolitan and Bellagio implemented to try to stop the violence.

Cardi B Vegas Party
Cardi B No-Mask Party

The next time you hit the strip, and are subjected to multiple body scans or told you cannot enter the casino because locals have effectively been banned, remember that actual criminals, felons and gangster rappers are being escorted through secret entrances and allowed to party at closed down clubs or turn their suites into makeshift nightclubs.

Here is Convicted Felon Offset of Migos being given the red carpet treatment at Caesars, as locals are harassed and normal people are scolded for not wearing a mask…

Keep in mind, just a couple weeks ago another rappers specials treatment and party at the Aria ended in yet another shooting on the strip!

While gangster rappers and democrat operatives are given free rein of the strip, locals are being told they can’t enter the casinos without a reservation at a restaurant or a reservation at the hotel. Those that are allowed have to submit to multiple body scans to gain entry – does anyone think this is going to make normal tourists want to come back to our city?