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Coverup Continues: Woman died at Vegas Lovers & Friends Festival

Lovers And Friends Fest

In the latest coverup, to protect the Ghetto hip-hop event earlier in the week, we have now confirmed that at least 1 person is dead as a result of the ‘Lovers and Friends’ Festival in Las Vegas. Over the weekend, we reported on the mass chaos, robberies, and shooting that Las Vegas Metropolitan Police still refuse to admit caused a stampede that injured hundreds of people.

But today, the Clark County coroner’s office admitted that at least one woman died during the event – they have refused to release further details on how the woman died. Jacqueline Torres Espinoza, 22, of Las Vegas was pronounced dead around 7:30 p.m. that day at Valley Hospital Medical Center, the coroner’s office said.

Our sources say that the woman was found having seizures while waiting for medical response teams that ignored her for hours.

As we reported over the weekend, the festival failed to do anything to set up cooling stations or shade in the 100-degree heat, even as hundreds of people collapsed due to heat stroke. Witnesses claim that the festival ran out of drinking water very early in the day, refused to allow people to bring water in, and started charging as much as 18$ for cups of ice.

Even before the reported shooting and stampede, people had already begun to flee the festival as stretchers could be seen carrying people out throughout the day. Festivalgoers who we talked to said they feared another Travis Scott Astroworld Festival style incident, after seeing security and medical personnel overwhelmed and people without tickets storming the gates.

A woman who attended the event told us she choose not to go back on Sunday after seeing a complete breakdown in order at the show. “People were passing out everywhere”, she told us, “There was no water, no shade, the asphalt was radiating the 100+ degree temperatures, and they started charging people with heat exhaustion $5 for a cup of ice. It was insanity, they should not be allowed to have shows there, it’s not a music venue it’s a death trap.” She told us. ” I saw stretchers going by me all day, they are not telling people the real story of what happened.”

She went on to describe the stampede at the end of the night, ” I was feeling pretty bad already and probably should have left, but my friends wanted to see Ludacris. Then we heard what sounds like gunfire, people started screaming bloody murder, and people just started running over each other trying to get away.”

Looting and Robberies at ‘Lovers and Friends’ Festival

A bartender who was working the event told us, “there were tons of robberies and no one was doing anything to stop these people from robbing us. People were just openly grabbing bottles of liquor from us, grabbing our tips and then when the fights started people just rushed the bars and started basically looting us.” “They were grabbing everything, bottles of liquor and our tip buckets.”

Other festivalgoers have taken to social media claiming there is a coverup of what really happened, because the festival was desperate to keep the festivities going. Others questioned why Metro and the county allowed the event to continue.


  1. How irresponsible to claim someone was ignored by responders. Having worked hundreds of events in Las Vegas you haven’t a clue of the planning that goes into it by first responders.

    • Just because “the planning” goes into most events doesn’t mean it goes into all events. If you didn’t attend or work the event, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  2. Thank you for showing this racist article. No idea what irrelevant loser website and blog this is but I will definitely not be reading it again. A “ Ghetto hip-hop” event? You can’t even put the author of the article you just credit the site. Cowards and losers.

  3. I attended the event and there was free water stations and free canned water at vendor booths. I came prepared (as the organizers recommended) with sunscreen, a hat, empty water bottle to refill as needed, stayed hydrated, rested in the shade and limited my alcohol. Unsure what people expect in 100 degree weather for 12+ hours but i think is was a great event. There were many shaded areas, cooling buses and outdoor cooling fans. Saw no fights or robberies and I was there from 12noon till 1130pm. Everyone was having a good time and saw no drama. My friend did get sick from the heat and required a medic… they were fast in getting to us and attending to her. Plenty of security and police throughout the event. The coroner hasnt released a cause of death for the young lady which typically takes a few days to a week or so… so before people jump to conclusions or insinuate they died due to a Ghetto Concert (or however it was stated)… wait for the facts to come out!!!

    • Sounds like you were there Sunday? The free water was HOT water and the free canned water didn’t come until about 3-4pm from police when they realized how little water there was. You’re another person that was clearly not involved in the stampede pretending nothing happened, it’s corny. Happy you didn’t experience it but it DID happen and it WAS utter chaos regardless of what caused it. Don’t build fake narratives if you weren’t directly affect IN the stampede.

      • This article calling the festival ghetto is not only inaccurate but racist.

        I was in the stampede. My husband and I had to sprint to not be trampled and we were jumping over people. One of the scariest moments of my life. It was fairly quiet (a lull between tlc and usher/ludacris/lil jon) and there were no gun shots or any sort of loud popping noises that we heard (and I’m certain we would have heard that as we were near where the screaming and running started. My sister and her boyfriend said the same and were in another area. The water/shade situation was horrible. My brother in laws metal detector went off because of his belt and security brushed it off. Canned water was not free and free water was boiling hot.

  4. @ Happy Event Attendee, not sure where you were happily standing at 11:30pm because I was running for my life before 11. Usher was late to his set and a wave of people were stampeding towards us. I DID hear gunshots…at least 5. Canned water was not free, there were no LVPD inside the event. Security was a joke. Didn’t check our bags or scan tickets. This was very real and traumatic.

  5. Who wrote this article? And how dare you publish it!!!!! Shame on you!!!! Ghetto hip hop event???? Seriously!!! This article is racist and should never have been published!!! And obviously so are you! Because you published this mess!!! This is ghetto journalism! So publish who wrote the article. Lawsuit!

  6. The truth is never racist. And fat girls should not be wearing tight stretch pants. If you’re going to take your grotesque bulging carcass out in public you should wear a smock.

  7. Ghetto hip hop festival? To the dipshit who wrote this, are you 12? Because it sounds like you were never educated, writing around mediocre articles for $2 bunking with 6 other racist idiots.

  8. It was a ghetto hip hop event. Imagine being triggered at facts. Multiple people robbed, stabbed and shot at this event.

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