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Complete Chaos on the Strip: Shooting at Planet Hollywood and Multiple Acts of Violence

Planet Hollywood

It was another weekend of absolute chaos on the Las Vegas strip with dozens of fights, attacks, and yet another shooting – this time in front of the Planet Hollywood.

Things started getting tense on Thursday in the lead up to the weekend, with multiple attacks being reported throughout the downtown area. It’s hard to get an accurate accounting of what happens anywhere in this city since our local media refuses to cover the problem.

Here is one of the riots that broke out on Fremont Street.

These events were followed by fights breaking out inside of casinos throughout the Strip corridor. The LINQ area experinced multiple incidents throughout the weekend.

Then we had Democrat activists pulling people out of thier vehicles and beating them in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip.

While locals had to worry about their safety, and small business owners had to wonder if this was the night they were shut down by the City of Las Vegas’ Mask police, gangster rappers and felons with long criminal histories were escorted through backdoors at Casinos – without having to worry about those pesky metal detectors and body scans — and allowed to turn suites and closed down clubs into mask-free nightclubs…

Democrats operative Cardi B threw multiple parties throughout the city, all mask-less and all without following any of King Sisolak’s mandates.

And then we got the latest shooting…

And the weekend was capped off with yet the latest in a long string of shootings on the Las Vegas Strip. This weekends shooting happened right in front of the newly reopened Planet Hollywoord Hotel and Casino.

Of course, this is only a small look at what really happened this weekend in Las Vegas. There were multiple other incidents that took place, including a lockdown at the Cosmopolitan that no one is talking about and fights in a number of casinos that our local media refuses to acknowledge.

It’s hard to get an accurate view of what really happened down there, and since we don’t have the huge budgets or multiple journalists like the 4 Television Stations and Two Newspapers who sit on their ass and do nothing, it’s hard to capture everything. In fact, in the hour we were covering the shooting at Planet Hollywood, we witnessed at least 3 more large events that have gone unreported.

The Westin was completly sealed off with crime tape, did you see this covered by our local media?

And then we had another incident in front of the Wynn, details have not been released on what happened on the bus!