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Companies Pulling out of SHOT Show Cite Sisolak’s Mask Mandate as Reason: We Choose Freedom

As we gear up to welcome the NSSF SHOT Show to Las Vegas next week, a number of companies who were holding on to the last second, hoping the mask mandate would be dropped, have started to pull out of the show, citing the mandate as the only reason for not attending.

In yet the latest example of Steve Sisolak’s Business killing mandates costing our economy money, a number of exhibitors have pulled out of the SHOT Show this week. While the show, unlike CES, refused to give in and enact vaccine mandates, the State/county mask mandate is causing a number of people to stay home, and boycott Nevada.

This morning, Froglube, The World’s FIRST Bio-based Weapons Care System, announced that they were pulling out of SHOT Show for the first time in ten years. They posted the following message to their fans and customers:



It is with a degree of sadness that after 10 years of attendance, we have decided to end our presence at the annual National Shooting Sports Foundation SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, NV.

Since COVID struck in 2020, FrogLube attempted to continue our participation in SHOT SHOW despite unlawful, cost prohibitive and convoluted restrictions imposed by the governor of the state of Nevada. We looked to NSSF to stand up for our industry and to pressure the state authorities into allowing our trade show to return to normal. As a small business, any attempt to engage in commercial interaction with our customers under constantly changing, unrealistic and absurd restrictions is cost prohibitive and places an undue burden on our company.

We do not question the reality of the COVID 19 disease, in fact, most of us have had it. At issue is that a disease is not sufficient cause for the removal of god-given/inalienable rights by any man, government agency or commercial enterprise. Does the governor of Nevada restrict trade show attendance for any other communicable diseases with transmissibility? FrogLube and NSSF engage in free enterprise in an industry that uses individual rights as a selling point to attract people to purchase our firearms products. We find the NSSF stance is mutually incompatible to the expression of both the 1st and 2nd amendments of the US Constitution. How can we stress the 2nd amendment at the show while yielding on the 1st amendment?

We did attempt to persuade the NSSF to cope with these issues, but we got no relief. We found ourselves stuck in an ethical dilemma, where we might have to choose to compromise on our company ethos in order to continue our attendance.

At FrogLube, we come from military and law enforcement backgrounds and we share lifetimes of service to our country, our citizens and the protection of their rights. For us, the decision is freedom over money.  We choose freedom.

Owners, Larry & Stacy Lasky


  1. I am sorry FrogLube. We hate him too.
    I would like answers about the rumor Sisolak’s wife’s family OWNS a mask company in China. He cried racism and refused to answer.
    I also wonder who got the contract for those 500k test kits? Any financial interest there?

  2. Sisolak was corrupt when he was on the County Commission and was involved in a huge lawsuit over illegally giving freeway work to the company that paid him the most kickback (LV Paving). The job was wrapped up in litigation and literally thousands of workers lost jobs as this was during the economic bust of 2008.
    He is certainly even more corrupt now with his hands in even more pockets. He belongs in a prison cell. Oh, and ask mandates dont apply to him. He gets to ignore them see story in RJ at his buddies Henderson eatery.

  3. I understand his wife is connected to the office in charge of the Allegiant Stadium parking lot. Uses her maiden name of course. Probably gets a kickback there too. Would also explain poor parking in the area in general.

    People have joked she was his handler not wife, but who knows??

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