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Collapse of CES: CES Show Floor Deserted thanks to Sisolak & CES Vax Mandate

CES Empty

Thanks to Governor Steve Sisolak and Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), this year’s CES is a complete bust, losing hundreds of millions of dollars of non-gaming revenue for Las Vegas businesses.

Early estimates are that over half of the exhibitors pulled out and over 70% of attendees did not show this year.

We usually try to use our own photos whenever we cover a story like this, but since we have been banned from attending CES for the first time in over 15 years, because we wouldn’t be forced into taking an experimental gene therapy shot, I guess we will have to show you some pics from the couple of suckers who injected themselves so they could attend this disaster or a show.

For the vendors that did show up, most didn’t even bother to setup real booths or displays — another gigantic loss to the Las Vegas Tradeshow industry that depends on this income!

Even before the show started, CES announced they would be shutting down a day early due to the complete drop off in attendance.

Sisolak Revving Up Business Lockdown Talk

As CES completely collapses, our idiot governor is already making threats to shutdown businesses again over the so-called omnicron variant. Pretty soon the only thing Vegas will have left is the nightly shootings, stabbings and murders on the strip!


  1. At least KTNV was willing to show how empty the venue was! Of course the spin on it was how it was an opportunity it was for resourceful “little guys” hoping to prove themselves! This is a clown show of the worse kind! We can’t wait for an election to stop this madness! I don’t think we can afford to wait that long.

    • Doesn’t matter because our votes don’t count anymore. Bitcholak will be in that office til he dies because he has done the nazi party well.

  2. Hotels and strip were packed for Christmas and New Years but businesses couldn’t be bothered to show up for CES. I’m mystified by the fear culture.

  3. More Bitcholak destroying Vegas..He was a piece of S### before he was governor..He is worse now…He must be very proud of himself..Way to go !! Good job destroying a whole economy….

  4. Why didn’t sisolack tell Obama Biden pelosi and Schumer to stay home??? They are here for the ultimate democrat super spreader. The Harry Reid funeral. I hope the driver drives by the most beautiful building on the strip. Trump tower ??? Nancy will start twitching more than normal ???

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