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Clark County to declare COVID misinformation a public health crisis in attempt to silence critics

Clark County Commission

The Clark County Commission is about to waste your tax dollars in an effort to shut down information that they don’t agree with. The incompetent morons on the Commission are set to vote on a resolution declaring “COVID-19 misinformation a public health crisis.” In other words, they are attempting to silence anyone who doesn’t toe the line.

The spread of false information and conspiracy theories has “created a culture of mistrust and has prolonged the COVID-19 pandemic, endangering the health and safety of all Las Vegans,” the resolution reads. The resolution is set for a vote on September 21st.

I for one say great! I mean if they truly seek to stop misinformation, then will they:

Here is the official resolution to silence your first amendment rights to seeking the ACTUAL TRUTH!

The attempt to silence the opposition is nothing new her in Nevada; in fact, last year our Governor called on “bloggers” who criticize him and the mandates to shut up…

And of course, then there was the time the governor freaked out after President Trump tweeted out our report on the fake hospital data in Nevada. That article actually received official proclamations condemning the factual article by not only the Governor but all our state Democrat representatives. Imagine them taking the time to condemn a “blog” for telling the actual truth!

Oddly, not a single Nevada politician seems to mind when our local media makes up stories about COVID patients lining local hospitals and scaring people with medical emergencies away from getting help. They also don’t seem to mind when the Southern Nevada Health District stops reporting on the number of “fully vaccinated” deaths in Clark County.