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Clark County Government Morons Suspend Fat Tuesday Business License

Fat Tuesday

In the latest communist attack on our local business community, Clark County officials suspended the business license of Fat Tuesday on the Las Vegas Strip. The complete retards in Clark County government claim that a walk-up slushy store is a health hazard and has been banned under our communist governor’s unconstitutional shutdown mandates.

So for those trying to make sense of the utter stupidity that we now find ourselves living through, according to the dipshits in Clark County and our shitbag governor, you may walk into the Casino Giftshop, grab a beer, pay for it at the counter and you are fine – perfectly safe from the magic virus. You can also walk right next door to the corporate-run Walgreens buy a bottle of beer and a bottle of Jack Daniels to-go and the county has ZERO problem with that!

But if you dare walk two-feet away to the small business Fat Tuesday and order a TO-GO beverage you are now going to catch the virus, spread it, and kill everyone in the world – All because you wanted a slushy you NAZI…

You really can’t make this shit up.

  • Order a drink in the Casino = You are Safe from COVID
  • Buy your To-Go drink from the corporation right next door = You are Safe from COVID
  • Order one from the small business right outside = You’re gonna die and kill everyone around you!