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Clark County Government Invites Kids to a Rave Feet Away from Multiple Las Vegas Sex Clubs

Green Door Vegas

In the latest attack on our children, Clark County Commissioners Tick Segerblom and Ross Miller, along with UNLV are throwing a rave tonight in a shopping center filled with multiple gay sex clubs, swingers’ sex clubs, and bars that openly allow gay prostitution.

The rave is not only feet away from multiple sex clubs, but it’s even being co-promoted by these sex clubs. Here is the infamous Las Vegas Sex Club promoting it on their Instagram feed.

The Green Door is an infamous swingers sex club, make no mistake that the swings setup for children just feet away from the club and Tick’s Tweet are both by design — these people are truly disturbed!

Here are some of the other gay sex clubs just feet away from the Clark County government Rave that is allowing children into the event.

This is the same Commercial Center District known as the Red Light District that had a mass shooting at one of the many illegal nightclubs operating in the center. The club was a segregated blacks-only nightclub that the city knowingly allowed to operate without a liquor license.


  1. Yes. Exactly. The same facilities were impacted very differently than hundreds of thousands of CCSD school children and their families and staff. Also impacted differently than small businesses.

    There are a few more officials who continue to pander to well intentioned people (I think), and allowing the government, filled with activists and the medical industrial complex, with a whole lot of outside help and influence.To completely erode our Republic.

    The slow long game of societal collapse. Like the frog that when put in room temperature water, and one slowly turns up the heat and boils the frog to death.

    OR seeing a train car with train car after train car as you try to keep count… things old school kids used to do. When it gets to the point of losing track on the count of the train cars… in our current state of society, (that I’ll call train car warnings).

    You don’t see the mess and the damage until there is a pile up. It is extremely exhausting to try to point out every car filled with toxins and damage. To people who won’t take the time to investigate the contents and potential long term hazards for our society that are contained in those cars.

    They lose interest quickly, believe what they are told, and move onto the next three cars. Because they are being fed that all the train cars are “just great!”

    Especially if social media fake land is amplifying everything through algorithms.

    It will continue to be astounding that an artificial world, (social media)… now the mainstream news uses and doesn’t vet, before reporting to the masses has such a hold on our society. It’s Alford Hitchcock on steroids. Really creepy.

    My grandmother advice is to go to thrift shops and buy actual books. Printed pre internet. Old school fisher price toys don’t break either for your children and your grandchildren and your great greats.

    Knowledge is a very valuable resource. So important to have critically informed and thinking minds.

    While one group is being indoctrinated, right along with way too many. There will at least there will be some resources available to those truly about our society.

    Grab an old school dictionary while you are at it. Before language becomes outlawed.

    This dude blocking off emergency services in his pandering T-shirt is also on the gravy train of eugenics. Except eugenics is being applied by institutions for one’s race/heritage in a different way than Margaret Sanger. It is very apparent to me in the DEI model.

    Virtue signaling “ally’s” cannot even see it. They are too worried about being called racists, Karen’s/Kens or bigots.

    The analogy or metaphor of the slow moving train takes about three decades to see the ruin. I’ve seen it and lived it.

    The more people that can pay attention to what’s in each train car the better and to halt it for further inspection, before continuing…the better for three generations down the road and for our society, including our future adults.

    While there are activists and politicians with signs, cheerleading the undisclosed contents of those train cars waving their virtue signaling signs of approval…. Maybe an individual can be like “The Little Red Hen” or the little boy from “The Emperor Has No Clothes”.

    Happy to discuss. My name is Elise Carey, I’m from the days of phone books and my phone number is 702.449-9788. Very happy to have a conversation and to share and hear; facts, opinions and perspectives.

    Especially if one is on the path of altruistic behavior in promoting change, thinking and actions for the betterment of our Constitutional Republic and our future.

    Thank you for reading.

  2. Las Vegas has any morals? What a crock! You are a city without any. Don’t complain about minors being near sex clubs when your milder taste is so high and drugs rampant. Maybe deal with guns to show you care about children.

  3. Yes! Don is spotting off the predictable groomer, villain, pedo sympathetic response. Opinion only. Sure does sound like a whole lot of victim blame. Just saying.

  4. Anyone visiting Las Vegas should take the time to learn that the City if not governed the same as the strip. There are wonderful communities all around the strip with wonderful people who are trying to keep their communities safe and their kids are often workers on the strip huge locations that you may visit.

    Who don’t want to have to deal with psychopaths, drug addicted and unaddressed crimes issues, their cars being broken into while working and no help from police. The strip has different overseers.

    Not us residents. Many of us residents are trying to write the powers that be to not bring in the recipe box of California. For our neighborhoods and where you come from all parts of the country and the world to visit.

    To be safe and not have to step over deranged individuals or down on their luck through failed policies and who need affordable housing and not have visitors have to worry about stepping on hyperdermic needles or being accosted.

    We want our residents employed and you safe on your visit. Well I sure do.

    Unfortunately there are some super progressive individuals in Nevada government, that have been doing and ARE doing everything possible in the next two days before closing, to keep trying to California – Nevada.

    They are incredibly incessant at applying their recipes of failed policies of Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles…. That I’ve lived in and eerily similar to Manhattan, Chicago and many others.

    Nevada and is the west and not the west coast but they seem to not realize that many are paying attention and it’s a complete replay. They push their agenda and are hell bent on hurting who they purport to support.

    Silly Rabbit…

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