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Clark County Democrats hosting Racist ‘COOKOUT’ event for Blacks Only – Using YOUR tax dollars!

The Clark County democrats, together with Clark County Commissioner and sponsor Justin Jones, the Parks and Recreation Department and the Clark County Commission, have decided to again push their racist agenda of division, as they host “The Cookout” — a blacks only event where other races are told they are not welcome.

“The Cookout” is a term racist black Americans use to exclude non-blacks from their events. The term, which Clark County decided to use for the “black culture” event, is used online to let other racists know that the event is only open to blacks or on occasion, people they deem their allies in the fight. Clark County in their flyer admit the term was “coined by Black Americans” so they seem to know exactly what they are doing here — promoting racial segregation and anti-white bigotry.

If you think I’m making this up, just read theRoot.com article spell out in no uncertain terms that they don’t believe even “white folks” who display “basic decency” should be allowed at “The Cookout”.

Back in 2017, BET put out a small list of acceptable white people who could be on the “Cookout list“. That year’s list of “acceptable” white people included Prince Harry, Colin Kaepernick, and Eminem.

Pancocojams – a website that promotes the customs of African Americans and of other people of Black descent – described “The Cookout” as:

 “The Cookout (or “the BBQ”) in the context of African American culture is a reference for actual informal social events as well as the concept of informal spaces where Black people can relax, let down our guard, and “be [for] real”.  According to this concept, those feelings are possible  because the only people who are in those spaces are other Black people and possibly some non-Black people who have proven that they are our allies (i.e. They have Black people’s well-being at heart.) 

African Americans may disagree which non-Black people have earned invitations to “the Cookout” (for that year).and which African Americans and/or other Black people have been dis-invited to the Cookout (for that year) and/or which African Americans and other Black people have been permanently banned from the Cookout. 

Urban Dictionary defines “The Cookout as:

A metaphorical gathering of the black community usually exclusive only to blacks. A non-black can recieve an invite by :

1. Being Invited by another African American after proving some sort of an interest,love, and concern for the black community.
2. Being Married to a fellow black (Must bring marriage papers for proof)
3. Containing At least 50% of African American blood. Any less will require legal documentation before entrance to the metaphorical motherfuckin cookout.

Medium, describes “The Cookout” events as “An invitation to The Cookout equals instant validation into Black society. Representing more than just casual acceptance, an invite to The Cookout is an unstated baptism into Blackness.” They then go on to remind “white people” that if they are somehow lucky enough to get the “invite” that “Any invite to The Cookout is a ONE TIME INVITE. There are no season passes, no lifetime passes.”

The website Rewire says, “The cookout is an event to showcase our Blackness in harmony.” They go on to warn white “allies” that “Performative Activism Won’t Get You Invited to the Cookout.” The article goes on to say that blacks need to start re-evaluating the space they share with non-Black people.

Nevada Democrats have a history of supporting Segregation and Racisim!

Last year, as Governor Steve Sisolak was still shutting down businesses across the state, he hosted the so-called “Black Las Vegas Food Festival and block party.” In order to be a vendor at that event, you had to have a “Black-Owned” business.

Why are Democrats so obsessed with skin color, and why do they insist on continuing to divide us based on race? Have Nevada Democrats declared war on MLK’s dream of living in a nation where people will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character?


  1. Personally, I would support this event, if time permitted, just as I supported the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead. There’s nothing in the flier above that excludes non-black folks, is there? Why are you inacurately describing it so? There are also events here for Greek and Italian cultures. St. Patrick’s Day is open to all races, too.
    Taxpayer $ will always be important and should be tracked. I’m pretty sure, if you look at the whole range of where and how our money is being spent, you may find much more crucial and expensive items that almost none of us would agree to fund.
    If you were to arrive early to this barbecue, you would get some of that free food!
    Please don’t let fear or very old opinions rule your decisions. The world is moving forward. You may choose to stay separate-your choice. We are not being excluded from this event! Yet, it’s a chance to make new friends from a different culture…you like food from different cultures, right? Consider some variety in your relationships, too.
    P.S. I am not a person of color, except that science shows us that all human life originated in Africa, so maybe we all are. Thanks.

  2. If a “half black” person attended Obama, Megan Markle, or Kapernac attended, would they get a 1/2 portion? Or would they just be denied pulled pork and ribs?

  3. A half black (heritage) and half white (heritage) person here is sick and tired of the division. Racism continues on the basis of skin tone.. I am proud of my heritage. I don’t like the progressive white savior complex of progressives who always want to stick their nose into everything to perpetuate victimhood and further divide. They are the well intentioned actual racists.

    All of our heritage is important and should be celebrated. That is what the unique stew of America is. That’s why as the writer before noted.. that there are so many cultural and heritage festivals from so many proud individuals.

    The most racism some of us have received has been from progressive white, feel sorry for you progressive types who want to feel better about themselves to seem “non racist”. Would they please cut that crap out!

    You are perpetuating stereotypes of victimhood and now you all have now gone way sideways and are trampling on and confusing what you do in the bedroom and confusing girls who are “tomboys” or boys who may become great choreography coordinators or anything artsy.. to now give into the same stupid stereotypes that we’ve tried to beat back and now you all support mutilating kids into the stereotypes that only a decade or two ago that you were trying to remove?

    What gives? It’s very important to take a hard look at the folks who purport to support. Does their paycheck and pension rely on generations in your family to fail and be dependent on government handouts? Or do the folks who may look a bit different and say we are family in the USA and we all have opportunity?

    Folks who come here as immigrants see the opportunity and seize it… and thrive. It’s the black and white (wokemob)… who continue to drive the divide between black and white and the white throw in all this sex crap that has nothing to do with anything to create more underrepresented groups… that look like them. Peer pressure on steroids.

    It’s stupid and I’m old now and tired of it.. so are younger folks. This progressive crap is a super well designed recipe for disaster. Take a look at progressive cities. Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle… it’s literally a recipe for disaster for any city..that’s been going on for decades. I personally don’t want that for the Las Vegas Valley or anywhere for that matter.

    Local elections are crucial.

    1. Soft on crime DA’s
    2. Narcotics on a person under a certain amount (misdemeanor-including dealers, who only keep that limit on their person but have a stash).
    3. Free needle exchanges and open air drug markets
    4. No mandatory mental health 51/50’s or Legal holds when a person is a danger to themselves or others. They call that a violation of the civil rights of that individual who just pooped on a public street.
    5. Public “camping” allowed for the new term “unhoused”
    6. Lumping everyone into the new term BIPOC
    7. Lumping everyone into the new term “Marginalized .”
    8. Restorative Justice for the “marginalized” kids in school who are cutting up and not being held accountable or prosecuted.
    9. Throwing in a garbage pail of “mental health, marginalized, BIPOC, LGBTQ, disadvantaged, racism, right-wing, left-wing, followers, activism) there are way to many. Maybe I’ll create a book as a guide.
    10. Sanctuary cities with no cross checks or delays on entry.
    11. Guilt tripping folks in the US and creating triangulation to get folks to roll with stupid agendas… for fear of being called racist.
    12. Leave that crap out of Clark County and Nevada please. All that crap has led to the demise of many a United States City.

    Have about 8 more points to cover.


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