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Clark County Democrat Official Arrested for Murder of Las Vegas Reporter

Robert Telles Clark County

UPDATE: 6:38PM – SWAT teams have arrested Rob Telles for the murder of Las Vegas Review-Journal investigative reporter Jeff German.

Las Vegas Metropolitan police have confirmed that they served a search warrant on Wednesday at the home of Democrat Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles, in connection to the murder of Las Vegas Review-Journal investigative reporter Jeff German.

German was found dead on Saturday morning outside his northwest Las Vegas home located in the 7200 block of Bronze Circle, the Metropolitan Police Department reported. Police said he was fatally stabbed during an altercation on Friday, they later released video of the suspect.

Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles was the subject of one of German’s recent investigations, highlighting corruption within the Clark County government. Telles lost his re-election bid in June’s primary after German’s story was published.

German was working on a follow-up story about Telles and corruption in the Clark County government the week he was killed. German had recently filed public records requests for emails and text messages between Telles and three other Clark County officials: Assistant Public Administrator Rita Reid, estate coordinator Roberta Lee-Kennett ( who German alleged was involved in an “inappropriate relationship” with Telles), and consultant Michael Murphy. Telles was secretly videotaped by employees meeting in the back seat of Lee-Kennett’s car.

Rob Telles (right) with Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom (left).

In 2019, Telles was appointed to the Indigent Defense Services Board by Governor Steve Sisolak. We ran a report earlier in the year highlighting the corruption of this board and how the board and the Clark County Commission were siphoning 93 million taxpayer dollars a year, and funneling it to so-called homeless projects.

In May of this year, German wrote a piece accusing the Telles’ office of being “mired in turmoil and internal dissension” for two years because of allegations of emotional stress, bullying, and favoritism. After losing his primary bid in June, Telles posted on his re-election campaign website an “update” about what he said was a “fabricated scandal.”

From the Rob Telles Election website

Telles also tweeted out a number of angry tweets about the reporter. At the time, the rest of the Las Vegas media refused to report on the story because they typically cover for local democrats — unless of course they are forced to cover the story when police show up at the person’s house and serve a warrant.

Telles has a long history of campaigning with radical democrats like Elizabeth Warren, Steve Sisolak, Susie Lee and Aaron Ford. He was often used to push radical democrat propaganda in Clark County. Ironically, the guy who is now being investigated for murder often went on bizarre rants against republicans and gun owners, and often pushed for gun control.

After videos of the suspected killer and his vehicle were released by Las Vegas Police, Review-Journal reporters spotted Rob Telles in the driveway of his home with a vehicle matching the description. That vehicle was towed from the Telles property at about 12:50 p.m on Wednesday during the search of his home.

Ironically, the local corrupt Las Vegas media will now be forced to cover the story, despite ignoring this corruption for years and not saying a word when this guy’s buddy, Governor Steve Sisolak threatened reporters back in 2020.

The truth is, they don’t care about reporters when those reporter’s report actual facts or dare say anything negative about their democrat handlers! In fact, a number of the local reporters who are now running around talking about this “tragedy” are the same scumbags who attempted to dox our reporters and our web hosting company last year.

These are also the same so-called “journalists” who said nothing when the Clark County Commission started threatening bloggers and real journalists back in 2021 and passed a resolution to silence their reporting.


  1. Guess this anti-gun democrat didn’t want anyone to be able to defend themselves against guys like him who use knives to kill people who criticize them. And look who the murderer hangs out with, county commissioner tick segerbloom the man who pushed to change the name of our airport. Vote Jon Rider for Clark County Commissioner in District E, replace segerbloom!

    • “the man who pushed to change the name of our airport.”

      It bugs me to no end that absolutely no one asked the City Council to change the name of the airport. The council used far left wing talking points to makeup the reason and then proceeded without public input in a move done simply to spite Republicans and Independents.

      The story no one is talking about is who are the supposed anonymous millionaire/billionaire donors are that contributed money for this foolish undertaking and why were they allowed to stay anonymous?

      I have little doubt in my mind that if a Republican council had done the same and changed the name to Donald Trump International.. the local media and national MSM would not rest until they answered these questions and to energize the Democratic base.

      I’m a local whose just tired of the obvious double standards.

  2. It is proven that Democrats are out to kill people that disagree with them, Baseball field shooting, Supreme Court Justice murder plot, and now Dem pervert murder of journalist. I thought mags republicans were the threat??

  3. “Ironically, the local corrupt Las Vegas media will now be forced to cover the story, despite ignoring this corruption for years”

    Had local media served to inform the people instead of acting as Democrat activists and fixers.. Mr. German might still be alive today. Even now the local media and the MSM flat out refuse to acknowledge Telle’s Democrat affiliation in their reporting despite the death of a fellow journalist at the hands of an actual Democrat politician.

    The bumbling Nevada GOP needs to capitalize on this story because had Telles been a Republican.. Nevada Democrats would waste absolutely no time blasting this story 24/7 to affect the midterm elections!

    Neworking Vegas, thank you for your reporting and stay safe!!

  4. Brian Shapiro lib talk show host said Trump is to blame!! Telles is a bald headed boobie We need to clean society of rats. Who was the underling that Telles was in the backseat with? Asian honey buns!

  5. I’m having some doubts about this. The narrative is of course controlled by the LVRJ so only one angle is being covered. I observe here a couple of things that don’t really seem to fit.

    1) No allegations of malfeasance, misuse or wasting of funds, abuse of power (with respect to citizens) or anything of that nature. The work of the office appears to have been getting done.
    2) An person with an aggressive personality chasing political ambition being insensitive to individuals and difficult to work with/work for? Color me surprised. My question is why in the world is this an elected office in the first place?
    3) The video of Telles making out with his girlfriend is the only objective piece of “evidence” that supplements what are otherwise nearly completely anonymous allegations. Bear in mind that governments in left leaning urban areas encourage and reward protestations of victimhood, especially when the target is white men. If that video is the best available support they have for Telles’ alleged conduct in office, this gets a flavor of a political hit.
    4) Telles’ point is well taken as to whether German had anything better to do given the state of the world, given the state of Las Vegas, especially since Telles’ loss in the primary make the story more or less moot.

    The timing of the killing doesn’t paint a good picture for Telles however, given that German had pending public records requests that included text messages, usually fertile pickings for smoking guns. That could certainly change the story line one way or another here.

    The murder is the murder and if I were a prosecutor, I’d be licking my chops on this one given the evidently overwhelming evidence that has already been accumulated. If I were a defense attorney though, I’d be pretty dizzy right now considering all the available defenses available under the circumstances.

    I think people would be well-advised to step back and make sure they’re not relying only on media reporting. Read the sad story of R. Budd Dwyer before jumping to any conclusions. I think there’s more here than meets the eye.

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