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Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones Claims Mental Health Issues Caused By COVID to Shield Criminal Activities

Justin Jones

In the latest hypocrisy and fraudulent activity from Clark County officials, Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones has begun another shady plan to deceive voters, this time using so-called mental health challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic as a convenient excuse to evade responsibility for his criminal fraud! Three weeks ago, state officials launched an investigation into Jones’s conduct, uncovering a trail of deceit and corruption that has shocked even his supporters.

According to damning court records, Jones intentionally destroyed crucial evidence in a desperate attempt to conceal his and Steve Sisolak’s corrupt actions from both the court and the public. A federal magistrate unequivocally established that Jones engaged in evidence tampering to cover up incriminating information and a web of cronyism between himself and Steve Sisolak, the former Governor of Nevada.

In an attempt to mitigate the fallout, Jones announced his immediate resignation as Vice Chair of the Clark County Commission. However, he continues to cling to his position as a Clark County Commissioner, refusing to step down.

Before he was elected a Clark County Commissioner, Jones served as an attorney representing the conservation group Save Red Rock in a legal battle against Gypsum and the County. Evidence suggests that Jones and Steve Sisolak had an undisclosed agreement to oppose the Blue Diamond Hill development near Red Rock Canyon, leading to Save Red Rock endorsing Sisolak during his gubernatorial campaign.

His wife, who works closely with Kamala Harris, is also tied up in the case as Jones is accused of intentionally deleting emails, including those exchanged with his wife, in an attempt to conceal his actions. Last year, Megan Jones, the wife of Commissioner Justin Jones, assumed the position of Special Assistant to the President and Director of Public Engagement at the Office of the Vice President, according to her LinkedIn profile. Before this role, she had an extensive working relationship with former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, spanning over two decades.

As revealed in court records, Jones is alleged to have engaged in a transaction where he exchanged his influential public support for Sisolak, who was both the commission chair and a Democratic gubernatorial candidate at the time. As part of this arrangement, Jones offered to dismiss an ongoing lawsuit brought by ‘Save Red Rock,’ the conservationist group for which he served as legal counsel and which posed an uncomfortable challenge.

In exchange for his support, Jones demanded Sisolak’s commitment to vote against Gypsum’s plans and to postpone a crucial vote until Jones assumed his position as commissioner.

The ongoing lawsuit filed by Rhodes, a well-known developer in Vegas, alleges that Jones and Sisolak engaged in a legal quid pro quo arrangement. Furthermore, the lawsuit says that after assuming his position as commissioner, Jones neglected to recuse himself from the matter and provided misleading information to the ethics commission regarding his involvement. Rhodes claims he is the victim of a crime and that Justin Jones and Sisolak’s ‘shocking and grotesque violations of the law and Gypsum’s rights,’ have left his land worthless and him bankrupt.

During a recent commission meeting, locals demanded Jones’s immediate resignation after evidence was found that Jones deliberately deleted all text messages on his personal phone, as confirmed by federal court documents.

Today, in an attempt to cover up his crimes and lay a defense for his outright fraud and election tampering, Jones took to Twitter claiming that mental health issues caused by COVID have caused him to plunge into depression.

Unfortunately for Jones, even an idiot can see what is going on here, and no one has forgotten that Commissioner Justin Jones shamelessly exploited the COVID-19 pandemic to target small business owners and forcefully advocate for vaccine mandates and business killing mask regulations. While he passionately argued for and helped pass unconstitutional restrictions on hardworking Nevadans, he himself ignored his own mandates and was caught partying on the Las Vegas strip numerous times without the masks he demanded his constituents wear.

His double standards and self-serving behavior are nothing but his latest attempt to hold on to power control and advance his own agenda, rather than genuinely safeguarding the community’s well-being.


  1. All Clark County Commissioners are FILTH. Justin don’t gotta resign because he’s got bulldozers full of dirt on the others on da Commission. How are these Mobsters different than the Mob of old?

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