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Clark County Commission Passes Mask Mandate for all Workers, even those who took the magic jab!

Clark County Commission

Clark County commissioners meet in a so-called “emergency session” on Tuesday afternoon to push the latest round of Sisolak COVID mandates, in an attempt to roll back any freedoms you thought you had. At the so-called emergency meeting, Clark County commissioners passed an employee mask mandate, mandating businesses within Clark County to require both unvaccinated and vaccinated employees in Clark County must again wear masks.

Keep in mind, this was such an emergency and a threat to public health that they actually postponed the “emergency” part of the meeting several times, including taking time so they could have an orchestra play live music to them.

Then, after they enjoyed the Orchestra, the meeting was again pushed back so Planned Parenthood could give a speech on the importance of abortion clinics and how they help the “LatinX” community!

Planned Parenthood allowed to give a speech before the so-called emergency meeting on reinstating COVID mandates.

After then delaying the meeting for a “leg stretching break”, two hours after the scheduled start time they finally got around to the so-called emergency portion of the meeting, where despite massive opposition from the public, they mandated that Clark County business owners have to force their unvaccinated and vaccinated employees to again strap on facemasks while at work.

As members of the public pleaded with Clark County Commissioners to not do this to our economy, they sat and played on their phones, ignoring anything the public had to say!

The Gaming Control Board is expected to enforce the county’s mask mandate at casinos and other gaming establishments.

According to our sources at several local casinos, the decision was already made prior to the Clark County commission meeting. In fact, as we reported last week, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has been working behind the scenes with The Gaming Control Board and his henchmen on the Clark County Commission to reinstate the COVID mandates in a way where the public would not know it’s him, in an attempt to protect his chances of winning come election time. Good thing we got the internal Sands memo proving Sisolak is behind all of it!

Latest news from Sisolak’s behind the scenes directives to reenact mask mandates, shut downs and use the Casinos to Force Vaccinations!

Killing our Economy 2.0

Even before the emergency meeting started, our economy was already feeling the effects of our government’s attack on workers and small business owners. From exhibitor cancelations at upcoming tradeshows to business events who are now making contingency plans should the Las Vegas convention industry again face shut downs and capacity limits, the uncertainty created by the Sisolak administration and the Clark County commission is already having huge finacial reprucations.