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CES may require COVID Tests and Proof of COVID Vaccine to attend Las Vegas Trade Show

Las Vegas Convention Center

In the latest attack on our freedoms, and something that is sure to guarantee the destruction of our Las Vegas economy, we are hearing that a number of major tradeshows that had planned to comeback to Las Vegas next year could force attendees to provide health paperwork, proof of up-to-date vaccinations, and a myriad of other invasive procedures before attendees would be allowed to enter the show.

Welcome to Vegas: Please check your liberties at the door…

Earlier today, the Consumer Electronics Show started sending out surveys to attendees with some rather odd questions that suggest attending tradeshows in Las Vegas will soon resemble something straight out of a dystopian novel.

The CES survey suggested that attendees may have to show health paperwork, proof of negative COVID tests, take a daily COVID test to enter, be subjected to heath screenings, and the craziest part: PROOF OF TAKING THE COVID VACINATION.

Never mind the fact that a vaccine hasn’t even been developed yet, but what world are we living in that you will no be forced into unwanted medical procedures simply to be able to do business in Las Vegas?

Here is a little more from the CES Survey…

CES may require COVID vaccine

No word on whether you will have to report your wild, cocaine fueled orgy from the night before, but I’m pretty sure there is a large segment of tradeshow travelers that are not going to take kindly to this bullshit!