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CES loses more exhibitors Cancels Last Day of Show Due to Complete Collapse in Attendance

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While shows that refused to instate Steve Sisolak’s Vaccine Mandate are growing, the Consumer Electronics Show who not only instituted mandatory COVID testing but banned unvaccinated guests has lost even more exhibitors this week.

Things are so bad for CES, that it is rumored they have now lost over 80% of their attendees and today they announced that they have canceled the last day of the show and have gone to a three-day format, which much of the tradeshow is now being sold as a digital experience.

This morning CES released the following statement:

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®  today announced that CES® 2022 will be closing one day early, and the in-person event will take place in Las Vegas on Jan. 5-7, 2022. The step was taken as an additional safety measure to the current health protocols that have been put in place for CES. 
Over 2200 exhibitors are confirmed to exhibit in person at CES 2022. In the last two weeks, 143 additional companies have signed up to exhibit in person. Construction of exhibitors’ show floor space is well underway and soon attendees will be able to see and experience the latest tech innovations.
“As the world’s most influential technology event, CES is steadfast in its pledge to be the gathering place to showcase products and discuss ideas that will ultimately make our lives better,” said Gary Shapiro, president, and CEO, CTA. “We are shortening the show to three days and have put in place comprehensive health measures for the safety of all attendees and participants.”
Those that are unable to travel to Las Vegas for CES 2022 have the flexibility to join digitally and will have the opportunity to experience the magic of Las Vegas. Digital registration will grant access to more than 40 live-streamed conference sessions, keynotes, select Media Days press conferences, and the ability to engage with exhibitors at CES.

Communist China Style Health Checks and Mandates

While other shows in Las Vegas have refused to adopt Sisolak’s Chinese style mandates, the Consumer Electronics Show went full-out communist. Protocols for the show are as follows:

  • A full ban on unvaccinated attendees, exhibitors, and speakers.
  • Mandatory Vaccine passports showing proof of full vaccination status to pick up show badges.
  • COVID-19 tests within the 24 hour period prior to entering a CES venue.
  • Masks while at any CES event, booth, indoor exhibit facilities, conference, and shuttle busses.
  • Testing facilities throughout the show for anyone exhibiting symptoms during the show.
  • RT-PCR tests for attendees who are traveling back to their international destination and who require a test to travel.

While the governor and CES, in an attempt to justify their communist China-style convention protocols, are trying to blame the so-called Omicron variant as the reason for the collapse of the show, but the facts don’t seem to support their claims. In fact, most of the cancellations came months ago, long before the magic variant was ever even part of the 24/7 COVID news cycle. The vast majority of the cancellations came as soon as the show announced they were banning unvaccinated guests.

If the Omicron variant is to blame, then

  • Why is the Las Vegas Strip set to see over 300,000 visitors on the Las Vegas Strip for New Year? Those people don’t have to show vaccine passports, and Omicron isn’t keeping them away!
  • Why is the NSSF SHOT Show going to have their largest tradeshow ever, just a couple of weeks after CES ends? The SHOT Show refused to instate the Sisolak vaccine mandated and actually grew their show so much that they have more exhibitors this year than CES. SHOT Show has no vaccine mandate and is seeing record exhibitor numbers!

The truth is, Steve Sisolak has crashed or economy by pushing these shows to instate vaccine passports and keeping the useless mask mandates going. CES, which usually sees over 180,000 people coming to Vegas for the show, is expected to have under 30,000 visitors this year, an estimated $300 million loss to the Las Vegas economy.

Many of the latest exhibitors to pull out did so right after Sisolak and the Gaming Board started threatening Casinos and local gaming bars with fines and a lose of gaming licenses if they didn’t start enforcing the mask mandates that many guests have started to ignore.


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