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CES bans unvaccinated from Las Vegas Trade Show in the World

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As part of Governor Steve Sisolak’s psychotic attempt to ban unvaccinated people from being able to live a normal life, the Consumer Electronic Show is the latest major even to announce they are banning unvaccinated people from their convention in January.

The news comes less than 24 hours after Governor Sisolak announced his plan to use the Casinos, Event Venues and Conventions to enact vaccine passports for him.

Sisolak Laughs at the prospect of banning unvaccinated from living life!

In his dystopian press conference earlier today, the psychotic, wannabe dictator laughed in amusement at his plan to ban unvaccinated people from living a normal life, laughing and telling reporters that this will force people to get the vaccine if they want to attend events.https://videopress.com/embed/KWAhMCUz?preloadContent=metadata&hd=1

He then encouraged small businesses to enact vaccine passports and warned that he would use law enforcement to go after anyone who tried to use fake vaccine cards.

This is just the start… Bars, Restaurants and Stores are next!

The governor’s office is working with Jim Murren, MGM and the COVID taskforce to intimidate business owners into requiring vaccine passports. Later this month, they are expected to announce that if small businesses ban the unvaccinated as well, they will also be able to drop mask mandates.

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