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Celebs Skip Grammys because Vegas has turned into a ‘gross ass’ Town under Sisolak’s Leadership!

Bums in Las Vegas

Grammy weekend in Las Vegas has shined a spotlight on just how far our once great city has fallen, as multiple celebrities and record companies have chosen to skip the event because they believe Las Vegas is not only unsafe, but as an insider told pagesix.com, Las Vegas has become a Gross Ass City!

Big labels have pulled out and canceled their normal after-parties, a number of celebrities have refused to even come to Las Vegas, and industry insiders say that they are having a hard time even pulling the event off because of a lack of workers and a serious decline in luxury services.

According to industry news, some celebrities refused to come to Vegas, and instead are throwing Grammy parties in Los Angles. According to PageSix, Steven Tyler will host a Grammy watch party at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, where Miley Cyrus will perform.

“The consensus is there’s not much going on and no one really wants to go to Vegas,” another industry insider told PageSix. Clive Davis canceled his annual star-studded pre-Grammy bash because of the unavailability of an appropriate venue. It seems nightclubs and meeting spaces are no longer able to guarantee they will even be open or able to serve larger events.

A city once known for Glitz and Glamour is now known for Violence, Shootings, and Homeless Meth Addicts preying on tourists.

Ironically, just a couple of days back our do-nothing governor who helped crash our economy was tweeting out bullshit messages about how Las Vegas is still the number one,  premier travel destination.


Under this asshole’s leadership, and under our useless Sherriff Joe Lombardo, Las Vegas went from glitz and glamor to homeless addicts overdosing in the doorways of Las Vegas Casinos. We even have homeless addicts killing and stabbing people inside of billion-dollar resorts. The service is gone, replaced with scenes worse than things you would see if you booked your next trip in Iran.

After two years of democrats enforced shutdowns and a democrat war on our economy, Las Vegas is beyond broken. Restaurants and bars struggle to hire workers, as people have chosen to sit on their asses at home instead of contributing to society.  Under our glorious governor’s leadership, Nevada saw the highest rate of job loss found in any state nationwide, and triple the average rate found among the other forty-nine US states.

Thanks to his policies, we now have restaurants and businesses that are only open for a couple of hours a week, because they can’t find people who want to work.

But sadly, being unable to staff and provide visitors with the luxurious service and experience that was once synonymous with Las Vegas is just the tip of the iceberg. The fact is, Las Vegas is no longer a safe city – it’s become a third-world ghetto.

Unchecked Violence plagues Las Vegas

Just this last week, we saw our media trying to make excuses and turn a homeless killer into some sort of victim. In reality, and as we exposed, another tourist was killed by a homeless meth addict who had already stabbed two other people in the last year and was let back out on the streets by a democrat-run system that favors criminals over hard-working people.

Last month, we had a mass-shooting inside an illegal, black-only nightclub. The shooter was a 9-time felon, with 82 prior arrests who was somehow let back out on the streets of Las Vegas to kill and create more chaos.

But these are just the latest in a long string of attacks inside and around Las Vegas Casinos. Over the last couple of months, we’ve had a shooting inside Downtown Grand, a mass shooting at an illegal blacks-only club, a murder inside the Rio, a shooting inside Bally’s, a housekeeper killed at Bally’s, a man beaten almost to death for not wearing a mask inside a Las Vegas storea man stabbed by a homeless man inside the Paris Casino, a man shot 11 times by a homeless addict in Chinatown, and countless assaults inside Casinos and throughout Las Vegas.

Here is just a small sample of what we have covered:

Sadly, things are so bad here in Las Vegas under the state’s democrat leadership, that even our schools have turned into warzones with daily stabbings, riots, and beatings.

It’s time locals start DEMANDING something is done to clean up our city!


  1. This article is such a pile of hot garbage that nobody would even put their name on it. I lost brain cells reading it. Pay industry people a living wage instead of screwing them over being nice to your fat fucking 7.99 prime rib dinner eating, twelve comorbidity having, entitled pieces of shit. I hope you lose all your 401k gambling, your 18.00 drinks are weak as shit, and you choke on your room temperature shrimp cocktails.

  2. This article is a crock of shit. Why don’t you go find solutions for people who are underpaid and are getting screwed over by big businesses if you care so much you fat piece of shit.

  3. If you can’t find master tailors and seamstresses in Las Vegas you’re blind and intellectually hopeless.

    Nothing says glamour like holding the Grammy’s at Crypto.com Stadium in beautiful Skid Row, California. Population 8000+ unhoused people across 53 blocks as of 2021, and growing every day since the 1930s. Oh the glitz.

    Wouldn’t clearing drunks from the streets be under Mayor Carolyn Goodman’s purview in conjunction with Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, and not the Governor? Wouldn’t a Governor interfering in local law enforcement be called government overreach? It’s kind of like blaming Governor Desantis for the behavior of spring breakers in Miami, or Governor Abbott for Summer breakers on Mustang Island, or Governor Wolf for all the stupid crap Philadelphia Eagles/76ers/Phillies/Fliers/Union fans pull.

  4. Who wrote the article. Instead of complaining where are your solutions. Like rent control for these people making 9 dollars sn hour. Who now really can’t afford to put gas in their car to go to work. I wouldn’t work either billion dollar companies not paying a real living wage.

    • Rent control, huh? Apparently you’ve never owned nor managed a property in your life! I lived in NY where rent control is a thing and it’s a nightmare!

      Imagine owning a building/condo/etc. and being told by the government you can’t charge more than so much per month. Meanwhile it costs at least 2X that amount to maintain it! Landlords are paying property taxes, HOA fees, repairs, and mortgages on those properties. Contrary to popular belief they are not sitting on a pile of money smoking cigars with $100 bills.

  5. You guys are just realizing this? Holy shit! Been a Las Vegas resident for over 40-years; there has never been a time that this city has not been absolute garbage. I still don’t understand what the attraction is. There is a human-garbage magnet under the strip and downtown. It sucks in human-garbage from all over the country and all over the world. From the trash that I have seen move here, the only worse places to live would be Detroit, Chicago or Florida. If you are from Michigan, please stay there; we don’t need anymore Detroit trash here. Keep all the L.A. gangster wanna-bees the fuck out too. If you are stupid, please don’t drag down Vegas any further; we already have the 48-th best school system in the country (yes the Clark County School District is filled with trash teachers and administrators; don’t tell them that, they think they are heroes). There is no real need to educate the kids, the major employers here do not require a high school diploma, so why even have them go to school? We do not need anymore uneducated shit moving here; we produce plenty of it ourselves. If you are already here and you are form Michigan, get the fuck out. Take your ghetto ass the fuck out of my city. And, Sisolak, spend some more fucking money on education or get bus tickets for the imported trash to go home.

  6. Ah, the sweet smell of bovine excrement! Seems like we are being fed more and more of this each day. Let me guess, the author is a Trumpie Q and all the worlds ills are because of the libs and dems. I can’t wait for De Satan of Florida to become President, so I can watch all ya’ll in front of the evil’s firing squads for insufficient loyality.

    • With a statement like that it leads one to believe that you are a Biden supporter which surprises me that anyone would admit that after the “amazing job” this idiot has done! I think that would be amazing if the Florida governor was elected president and ran the country how you described because that means we would not have to put up with anymore bullshit like we have this last year and half. So bring it on, I’ll vote for him and then we will see who’s laughing.

      • Holy shit. Everyone is a dumbass for supporting the two party system. You either get what dipshit democrats pick for elected offices or you get what dumbfuck republicans pick. Voting is a joke when there are no choices other than D is for dumbass and R is for retard. We need a dumbass Trumpian republican like the Florida retard like we need a dumbass democrat. I’m moving to Costa Rica; fuck the U.S.

  7. On the webpage they are saying how vegas is crap no celebrities or grammy people want to come but have articles on where the best spots to go for spring break 2022??? Wtf.Vegas has its problems like any other town (They want to stay in L.A. let em thats no dream either,like they dont have homeless or mentally ill)Bottom line have your voice be heard on election day right or left democrat or republican vote that is your best chance for feal change

    • No as we have learned on this last election, our votes DON’T matter. All these people are sitting here pointing fingers and bitching about all this which I agree with most of it. Maybe we should all try to be more and do more because it’s obvious nothing is going to get done with the leaders we currently have.

  8. citing any celebrity that says LA or NY is better than Vegas is a weak argument. We can all want change or improvement, but those places are all downhill. Sisolak may want to follow them…don’t cite them as examples though…

  9. This article is very misleading. For example, they say Steven Tyler refused to come here and is throwing a party in LA. The Article fails to mention Aerosmith is doing a residency here and performing live from June to December…. Over 25 shows. Shitty journalism and desperate clickbait techniques. Take your bullshit propaganda elsewhere.

  10. Yeah for sure, this problem just NOW started happening in the past few years. Definitely hasn’t been an issue for 40+ years. the amount of bias in this article is astounding. You act like this wouldn’t happen under republican control lmao, Just say you don’t like democrats. Whoever wrote this needs their pencil taken away.

  11. You should move from Vegas… and stop promoting hookups here. You should know it’s all part of god’s plan. You need Jesus!!! I’ll pray for you.

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