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CCSD Votes to Mandate Vaccinations for Teachers


Last night at a Special Board Meeting, the Clark County School District voted to mandate vaccinations for all CCSD teachers and employees.

Despite hundreds of parents and teachers showing up to speak out in opposition to the mandatory vaccinations – many threatening to quit teaching if the mandate was passed — the school board ignored the wishes of parents and teachers and voted to mandate the mandatory shot.

The 5-1 vote came after over five hours of public testimony from parents and teachers, almost all of whom spoke in opposition to the mandates. Trustee Danielle Ford cast the only vote against the mandatory shot.

Self-proclaimed conservative Katie Williams, who apparently was just pretending to be against the mandate, screwed her constituents and didn’t even bother to show up in person to the meeting to cast her vote.

This morning, CCSD send out an email to parents informing them that teachers will be mandated to take the vaccine. Pay attention to their wording, “there is no current mandate for students.” To us, this seems to suggest one for students is coming next!

On September 7th, proponents of the mandatory vaccinations will be walking off their jobs in a ‘Shut Down America’ Protest. Many local teachers are expected to take part in the walk-off.