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CCSD Shuts Down Schools Again – 5-Day COVID Pause will see students sent home again!


Here we go again. Earlier in the week, we told you that Governor Steve Sisolak was working behind the scenes to push another round of shutdowns and lockdowns in Nevada. Today, we have learned that CCSD is shutting down for a so-called 5-day COVID pause, and will not allow students or teachers to come to school until Wednesday, January 19, 2022.

According to CCSD, This five-day pause will promote a safe, healthy learning environment in our schools to “Stop the Spread” in order to continue face-to-face instruction. All athletics, before- and after-school activities, Safekey, field trips, athletic practices, and athletic travel are canceled from January 14, 2022, through January 18, 2022. Employees and students will return to work and regular in-person instruction on Wednesday, January 19, 2022.

We are being told from a number of teachers, that many CCSD schools have already started sending kids home with their Google Chrome books in case distance learning is again enacted by the district.

Last week Sisolak indicated in a press release that lockdowns were again on the table.

This comes as hospitalizations have been declining for over a month, despite the fact that the propagandists in the media are claiming the hospitals are overwhelmed.

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