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CCSD Police Lied: Officer was not in danger of being hit when he Fired Three Shots at Western High School in Las Vegas

CCSD officer shooting at Western High School

We all know CCSD schools are an absolute nightmare, but it seems CCSD police officers have made it even more dangerous for students after discharging their weapons at a vehicle at Western High School last week that they claimed was coming straight at an officer.

Video of the incident was just released, and while there is no doubt the scene was chaotic, it seems CCSD officers made the situation much more dangerous after an officer decided to open fire in a parking lot full of students and buses when the driver was clearly trying to flee the scene, not hit the officer as was claimed.

According to police, CCSD received a call about a fight at the school and a vehicle with a weapon. Lt. Brian Zink, public information officer for the Clark County Police Department, said that at around 2:15 p.m. officers responded to the scene where they saw a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed through the east parking lot on campus. Officer Christopher Knight fired three shots “fearing for his safety, the safety of students and his partner,” said CCSDPD Lt. Bryan Zink.

Last week they claimed the vehicle was coming right at the officer when he opened fire. But as you can clearly see in the video above, that was not the case. In fact, it even appears the girl who was struck by the car was struck accidently after the officer pulled his gun and pointed it at the vehicle and a number of students.

Your Kids are not safe at CCSD Schools!

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  1. You want something done about the thugs or not? You can’t have it both ways. The youths in the vehicle were not students at the school. We need more cops blasting people here not less.

    • Yeah the car didn’t ‘hit a student’s as claimed by CCSD police either. The student, facing the wannabe commando cop with gun drawn and pointed at her, obviously panicked, ran in one then another direction and inadvertently bumped into the car that was barely moving. The narrative that the car was ‘speeding’ at 22 mph is also a ridiculous notion. This school cop needs to be fired for risking dozens of lives BEFORE he shot into a car full of kids driving AWAY from him!

    • Yeah, shooting kids because they are at a school they don’t attend. You sound as insane as the school cop that did the shooting

  2. Interesting there is a situation outlined by ch 8 were a gun instructor killed a guy who was allegedly trying to steal his car wit 4 guns in the trunk – including a machine gun. Cops claim he fired from side of vehicle so he was charged with murder. Metro claimed vehicle had to be coming at him.

  3. Las Vegas Sun reports that “car traveling at 20 mph hit a student and was headed toward other students..”. Who knows??? But if a member of public fired gun at car, they would have their gun confiscated and would be bent over a hot car hood.

  4. Tiny opinion from a middle aged lady.. As someone who cannot own a firearm and do not want to.. and have had to fend off infiltrators on my property with only a rake under castle doctrine. Please all law abiding citizens in America protecting and enjoying your second amendment rights.. one tiny thing that can be done as some (but not all).. keep their guns locked in gun safes separate and from ammunition so if anyone breaks into your home those thieves are not able to steal your weapons that make their way to the streets miles and states away. Don’t publicize your guns while simultaneously announcing you are going on a cruise on social media. Monitor your children to teenagers social media and phones to make sure they are not posing with weapons especially if they are posting on social media and might be involved with a bad crowd and spread that info with “friends” who will skip school to break into your home to retrieve those weapons for that bad young adult uncle. Silly to have to say but similar to not leaving like back in the day the 52inch flat screen TV box it came in that you just purchased on display on the street on trash day and not breaking it down. Please and also if firearms are in the home make sure to do the old school way of teaching like many dads did which is “you don’t point unless you plan to use it”. Next the training of current law enforcement needs to be extended as well as deeper psych evals to be sure the thing called hyper vigilance is addressed if that’s what caused them to join the force, (especially if they failed the military)..
    is addressed before they are to “serve and protect”. Some of us had more training to become dental assistants as teenagers that what is currently required to become an armed officer in schools with upwards of 1200 youth in this oversized district. Also training for all officers in CIT “Crisis intervention Training.” Law abiding citizens these are a few things you can do and more regulations on the 3D printing that is going on with online purchases. Other than that is really to vote for all of the things and the people who are about truly prevention through legislation and not the bandaid approach after.

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