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CCSD Psychological War on Kids: QR Codes to Sit & Eat, Canceled Lunches, Kicked out for Sneezing?

Steve Sisolak with Clark County School District superintendent Jesus F Jara

Welcome to the new world, where psychologically tormenting kids who are at ZERO danger of dying from the so-called COVID pandemic seems to be the new policy for the Clark County School District.

As we kick off day 2 of the new school year, where children are forced to wear useless masks for 8 hours a day in order to get an education, news about what is being done to our kids is starting to leak out, and it’s pretty damn disturbing.

CCSD parents have taken to social media with bizarre stories of how their children have either been banned from eating at tables, told they cannot eat, or been forced to scan QR codes for so-called contact tracing if they want to sit at a cafeteria table for lunch. Some parents are claiming, that at Shadow Ridge High School, kids have to scan a QR code so CCSD can track them if they want to sit at lunch.

Since the Clark county School District has a new policy that literally tells parents to keep their kids at home if they have a runny nose, which should be interesting since allergy season is right around the corner, many parents listening to the advice did not send their kids on the first day of school only to find out their kids had been unenrolled from the school.

Get ready for Closures and Chaos!

According to a number of CCSD teachers, COVID letters informing parents of positive cases inside the classroom have already been sent home and it’s only the second day. Teachers are saying there is mass-confusion as what they are supposed to do, since CCSD policy says that anyone with a close contact must now quarantine, meaning in most classes it would mean the whole class must now stay home for at least 10 days.

In fact, we talked to a couple teachers who say they have 40 plus students in a portable class room, and if they follow CCSD protocols there is no way they will be able to keep their rooms going with in-person learning since the rules say the whole class must go into quarantine and start distance learning. Many say they are already preparing for shut downs.

Many teachers are furious with the district, and are reporting having to stand for over two hours in 110 degree heat for mandatory weekly COVID testing for unvaccinated teachers.

CCSD COVID Testing Lines at Mojave High School for Unvaccinated Teachers
CCSD COVID Testing Lines at Southeast Career Technical Academy for Unvaccinated Teachers