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CCSD Now pushing What if we always have to wear a mask propaganda!

What if CCSD

In the latest attempt to brainwash and terrorize our children, CSSD has released a new set of propaganda posters to be hung in local schools that ask the question, “What if we always have to wear a mask?”

The posters, which our sources say are designed by R&R Partners as part of a propaganda campaign to scare schoolchildren into making their parents vaccinate them, are being hung at CCSD schools throughout the valley.

This comes as CCSD has open rioting in their schools and CCSD teachers calling for the unvaccinated to die.

They have declared a psychological war on our kids!

School Posters

Earlier in the month, we exposed how the Nevada State Government sent another series of Propaganda Posters to schools to scare kids into accepting COVID Mandates.

Keep in mind, these are kids that are at ZERO risk of dying from COVID. In fact, as we’ve pointed out numerous times since this started, according to the CDC’s own numbers NOT A SINGLE Nevada kid under 18 has died from the so-called pandemic.

COVID Tyranny Updates: