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CCSD Holds Black-Only Racially Segregated High School Graduation at UNLV

Las Vegas Graduation

Who would have thought we would be at a place in this country where Democrats are not only arguing for the return of segregation, but actively pushing it in our public school system. This weekend, the Clark County School District held Racially segregated graduations at the UNLV Thomas and Mack Center.

Here is the President of UNLV bragging proudly about it on Twitter.

And the Principal at Chaparral High School — Imagine if you were a white student at this racist’s school…

And the so-called “Song of Unity” being sung at an event that bans other races from attending…

Oddly, there hasn’t been a peep from the local Las Vegas Media, Al Sharpton isn’t here crying about segregation (he actually supports it), CNN isn’t running 24/7 coverage of the injustice, there are no riots in the streets…

Oh wait, I suppose that’s because the anti-white media actually loves segregation and racism if it’s against white people. Can you imagine the outrage that would be going on today in Las Vegas had someone thrown a White-only high school graduation?


  1. I hear about these things often since 2020 from people I care about. It is supposed to be about celebrating achievements, not dividing further. One’s achievements should be celebrated everyday, not divided. Not going backwards. Achievements of all in a United front as Americans.

    My oh my how the progressive, race baiting, divisional, oppression pushers keep at it.

    The only racism we in my family have experienced are from liberals or progressives. They used to be all about it. By I truly think after looking back at many decades and to current times…. That they follow the same “You Ain’t Black, if you don’t vote for me rhetoric.” So they vote for the party they deem the non racist one.

    Yet the party that on history didn’t want to abolish slavery, didn’t want black peoples to vote and participated in eugenics and continues.

    Didn’t want integrated schools – Biden “Racial Jungle”

    Didn’t want to support gay marriage…
    Obama and Biden.

    It’s really something how history is being rewritten. I wonder how many kids who are proud graduates who were forced into choosing one side of their heritage.

    Encouraging “self hatred”, on any young person is abuse, it’s divisive, it’s discriminatory and wrong. It has been wrong all along.

    The number of interracial people who are from the dawn of the civil rights era, children of immigrants and our three generations under myself personally are brown, fair, blue eyed, red haired, blue eyed, brown eyed, straight hair to curly hair.

    Nevada demographics are an even greater mix of the racial harmony of young students. Stop segregating and thinking it’s good. It is not. It’s harmful to one’s spirit and regressive.

    No young person should be put into a situation of their racial harmony through existing, by being forced to choose a side of what makes them who they are.

    Disrespect my mom, maternal grandparents and great greats or disrespect my dad, paternal grandparents and great greats?

    Nevada democrats and all the SEL mining operations in CCSD to enrich more victimhood pushers. Hope more families can know that if your are still in the public schools to opt out of SEL and Comprehensive Sex Ed.

    To the segregationist types. You are not helping. It’s insulting. It’s so insulting to see the resurrection of failed efforts under the progressive power.

    It’s strange that Nevada democrats act like they are coming with something new and innovative. No you are not. You are bringing a whole bunch of failed ideology that’s already been proven to fail all who you proclaim to support. You all make things worse.

    Take your SF, Seattle, LA recipes that you found in a storeroom somewhere from the 1990’s and stop presenting it as if it’s the coolest and latest. Retire those recipes please. I hope people in Nevada and especially adult voters can learn more about history and stop expecting different results.

    Proud of the graduates, sad so many had to choose sides to participate or felt peer pressure to choose one part that makes them a whole person.

    CCSD … you are participating in racism, bullying and peer pressure. That is not something for any school district to be participating in.

  2. Further on this topic. While we have been reduced to colors on a color wheel or a heritage wheel. That’s all from the bozo progressive division.

    We’ve in only three or so years been subjected as citizens got a “rounding up”, melting pot theory of political porridge of sameness… except… we are going to point out sertain ingredients of the porridge as better… the rest get mixed in and insignificant.

    You cannot life ANYONE demographic up, if you are by default PUTTING other people down.

    It’s long about time for the “melting pot theory ” to be retired. I’m 48 and it has been going on for at least 50+ years. However, the original melting pot theory could be applied if we value everyone as equal in our Constitutional Republic.

    Since that hasn’t happened yet in fifty years, probably a better way is to treat America like a rich and unique stew. Not dismissing certain ingredients as more important or less important. All equal and equally acknowledged for their contribution to the stew of America.

    We are either a bland porridge or a rich and unique stew of equally important ingredients, as contributors to our republic and our nation.

    Choose one.

    • Big Mike, it is possible that I misinterpreted… but I think what I read is that you are pro segregation for America and for American based companies, industries and manufacturing to be segregated from communist countries that and others that have us involved in a proxy war that is driving up inflation, leading us on a path to not only a recession but a Great Depression and societal destruction?

      I’m certain that you were pointing out ti every citizen, to not believe the follow the ball under the cup distractions in the “culture war”, being played on everyday patriotic citizens by higher ups at the WEF, right inline with plans for 2030 and the democrats/republicans… same party at this points sans few.

      I think I interpreted what you wrote correctly. So decided to help expand it a bit.

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