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CCSD confirms Brutal Beating of Girl inside Las Vegas High School: More Concerned with Video Getting Out!

CCSD Las Vegas High School Assault

The Clark County School District has confirmed that they are aware of the video that we posted earlier today of a girl being brutally beaten unconscious while students and teachers watched and even laughed in the background.

Sadly, as usual CCSD seems more concerned with the video getting out and parents seeing what actually happens inside these schools than stopping the daily violence, riots, stabbings and assaults inside Las Vegas Schools.

Warning the Video is Extremely Graphic!

Years of unchecked violence, stabbings, riots and gunfire inside CCSD schools…

Sadly none of this is new for CCSD schools. For the last couple years, we have been covering the almost daily violence and assaults inside Las Vegas Schools.

Back in August of last year, we covered the rioting and violence at Shadow Ridge and Arbor View High school, where students were being attacked and targeted for wearing patriotic clothing at school. A couple weeks before that, riots broke out at Green Valley High School.

You would think that stopping students from being stabbed in school hallways and stopping gunfire from breaking out at high school football games would be an issue that everyone could get behind, but apparently, it’s just the standard operating protocol for CCSD schools.

Is CCSD Covering up crimes to promote diversity?

In 2013, CCSD changed their disciplinary policies on the suspension and expulsion of minority students. Instead of holding these minority students accountable when they do something wrong, CCSD decided to ignore the problem because suspending them was somehow seen as racist.

The district changed protocols to reduce the overall number of suspensions and expulsions of minority students, limiting when a principal can recommend expelling a minority.

CCSD Discipline policy stats.

So now we have almost daily assaults, stabbings and even shootings on school campuses throughout Las Vegas, because holding people accountable now makes criminals feel bad!

Your Kids are not safe at CCSD Schools!

Please read our article on the benefits of homeschooling and how to homeschool your child in Las Vegas! Their lives depend on it!

UPDATE: We have uncovered even more brutal attacks that CCSD has been trying to cover up at Las Vegas High Schools, SEE OUR LATEST REPORT HERE. And sadly, even in our Middle Schools, SEE THAT REPORT HERE.


  1. Those kids wearing the patriotic clothing at Shadow Ridge were calling the POC racial slurs and inciting violence. That had nothing to do with patriotism. It was political in every aspect.

  2. “Diversity” is definitely a big part of the problem, but considering the last incident at LVHS was white on white, I’d say there’s an anger issue as well. Morbid curiosity makes me wonder what started that attack.

    I sincerely doubt the students wearing patriotic clothing were using racial slurs. I have noticed that the definition of “slur” seems to have changed over the years. CRT seems to have done that. Is there proof they used them? I don’t doubt it was political.

  3. Since when is CRT taught in k-12? Quit getting your news from Facebook and pick up an actual book. Also, you doubt that students wearing “patriotic clothing” were using racial slurs? Considering that the confederate flag is considered by a bunch of “patriots” to be patriotic, I’d be willing to bet they were in fact using racial slurs.

    • Stop gaslighting it’s taught and we all know it, even the dem dopes who push this division know it, so just stop, changing the name of it doesn’t change what it is.

    • Yeah, they say that about CRT and SD. No need for Facebook when you see it live and happening. Formation psychosis allows people to see the opposite of what is happening. Good luck my friend.

  4. Driven in large part from a local, county, and state government that thinks unplanned and unmitigated growth is in and of itself “progress.” Personal accountability and responsibility, crime, traffic deaths, and the associated symptoms of the governmental policies have certainly gotten worse over the Las 5 years, and have no doubt the will exponentially grow in the upcoming years as people do not continue to receive public assistance and realize they can’t be on a 24/7 vacation here. It’s the grand illusion, and unless you understand it, Vegas will eat you alive.

  5. Letting your white child attend any school with a significant minority population is child abuse.

    • I’d leave the ‘significant’ part out!! Our schools are no longer schools, having been over-run and destroyed by those who are invading us!! Anyone with children ~ has no other alternative but than to home school their children, so they’re not pushing up daisies before they graduate!!

    • We have a problem and it starts at home period ! Students need real repercussions for negative behavior. Schools need real tools to deal with these problems. It is disgusting that teachers and school faculty have to put up with this garbage. Hard problems need hard solutions. This video with the girl coming up behind the other girl n beating her in her desk is disgusting. I hope her and her parents were held accountable for this act of violence.

  6. The problem is the concept of “Restorative Justice” in lieu of any kind of discipline. There is no such thing as accountability for students and the animals are running the zoo. I am an educator in CCSD and I broke up a fight in November where I had to get in between two girls and one was sitting on top of another girl choking the other out. There were about 18 kids filming the fight and they scattered like roaches when I came up. I hit the “emergency button” and it took over 20 minutes before I had any support from admin. Luckily, another teacher came to my aide and we were able to separate the students and put them in different rooms.

    • You’re apparently one of the few good teachers, some would just walk away and yet, I can’t really blame them.

  7. CCSD should be ashamed. You’re concern about video of these incidents getting out has nothing to do with protecting the victims or emboldening the bullies. This is 100% about hiding how toothless, gutless, and impotent you are when it comes to ensuring the safety and enforcing civil behavior of the children in your “care.”

    This is a problem of leadership, from the top down. You will be held accountable.

  8. Whatever the Left touches turns to you-know-what, and teaching critical race theory is a match to gasoline, in that they are now teaching racism to the children, by actually teaching these toxic, stupid ideas of white supremacy….white supremacy! Give me an effing break. These people are NUTS and them and their ideology needs to GO.

  9. Thanks very much for providing a forum for comments which makes it easy. Free speech! That’s the way it’s supposed to be, not policed by a bunch of faceless people who presume to pick and choose what you can say! How do people put up with it? By not thinking of what it actually is, I can only assume!

  10. The teacher needs to be fired immediately and the girl who beat up on that other girl needs to arrested and put in jail and the parents of the girl who got beat up needs to sue the school.

    • How about the parents of these BULLIES both be arrested along with their wayward devil-child? That might put a stop to some of this.
      BTW, when I say ‘both parents’ I mean both.. no matter where the parents are or the circumstances.. Force them to BE PARENTS or they can sit in JAIL!!

      • People like you with those sorts of insane ideas are part of the problem. What you’re talking about is just adding more injustice to the world and not stopping any of the other ones.

  11. My poor beloved hometown. Hurts so much to see what the ghetto has allowed to happen to what was once a beautiful and wonderful place to live. This is what happens when ghetto people from around the country moves in and there is such a major lack of discipline. People move from other areas to get away from the garbage and despicable way there states and localities are ran and then vote people into office in their new state/locality that are the same or worse than where they moved from. Do the same thing expecting a different result. And when I say lack of discipline, I don’t mean parents have to beat their kids. There are a multitude of ways to discipline. Parents need to be parents to their kids. Not their friends.

    • . YOU WONDER ‘WHY’ our so-called Governor is ignoring this?? You might want to pull a search on his ex-wife and the alleged abusive shanigans he pulled on her!! HINT.. He’s a DIRTY-COWARD!!

      . While you’re at it search to see what happened to the alleged money that was suppose to go to the shooting victims on the strip, then check out to see if it’s true that he used the money to purchase himself a brand new jet..??

      . CRIME BREEDS CRIME.. & we’ve had a huge problem going on here for decades in just about every governmental department that’s suppose to be our Public Servants running our city!!

      . FOR EXAMPLE -Take our Election Department whos registrar took it upon himself to make a purchase of equipment that was clearly prohibited from acquiring – then locking the doors to the Election Department to avoid being served a lawsuit over his lawlessness. Should tell you that not only is this man a BLAZING-COWARD, but SOMETHING is seriously going on here..

      . They’re boldy challenging us now, since they’ve been able to get away with it for so long, and WE’D BETTER WAKE UP!!

  12. Look at the fake news turn this story of a little white girl attacking a another little white girl into an opportunity to race bait? Race has nothing to do with this story. Neither does the political motivation for those children who were assaulted for being patriotic. The media makes me sick!

  13. A lot of wise comments here. I must add that when schools and society in general take away teaching accountability to God and Christian principles of righteousness, this alone will breed wickedness such as this. And not just in regards to the attacker, but also relating to the students and teacher who did not intervene. I doubt any of those students were ever taught about the Good Samaritan nor taught the James 4:17 principle. Otherwise they’d at least know that conformity and peer pressure are foolish to be governed by; and that there is much honor, and no shame at all, in being the first, and maybe the only one, to stand up for a true victim against an actual oppressor.

    • No, this has nothing to do with teaching or not teaching religion to people. Theocracy was bad for the world and mankind and it created some of the worst injustices and crimes against humanity in history such as the Crusades and the Inquisition, witch hunts and countless brutal executions and draconian punishments of all sorts. What you’re seeing now is just the result of a society that has been obsessed with crime and punishment, glorified the government and police and with harsh laws and punishments has made crime and violence seem “cool” to kids. The War on Drugs makes crime profitable, and the evil justice and prison system teaches people to be better criminals … many of whom just had an addiction, which is a medical problem. We’ve done the same thing that Alcohol Prohibition did in the 20s: turned simple vices and addictions into a booming and dangerous black market that gets a lot of people killed because the stakes have been made so high. The law is more dangerous than the dangerous drugs now, and even endangers people who don’t do them.

  14. Sue the parents of the attacker, sue the school, sue the CCSD, sue the teacher, sue the police for 50 million. And the girl should be tried as an adult for attmeted murder because thats what it is.

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