Prostitute Peddling Card Slapper Gets Probation for Punching Tourist on the Strip

Las Vegas Card Slappers

One of the worst things about this city is the degenerates and the hoards of sex traffickers are local government allows to prey on unsuspecting tourists throughout the Strip. In the latest case of extreme idiocy, a prostitute peddling solicitor was given three years of probation after he attacked a woman who was visiting from Michigan.

Kevin Miller, 53, approached the woman on Jan. 20 while he was handing out cards near The Venetian, according to his arrest report.

The victim told Miller that she wasn’t interested in his cards. Miller began swearing at the woman and punched her in the mouth. The woman took a photo of Miller and then and called police. According to the police report, she suffered a split lip that required stitches.

Police arrested Miller as he was still handing out cards near the Mirage. He admitted to punching the woman and was placed in custody that night.

Miller pleaded guilty in March, and our wonderful local justice system decided that punching a tourist in the mouth was not serious enough to justify jail time and instead sentenced Miller to probation on the condition that he enter a drug treatment program, according to court documents.

For a short period of time, Las Vegas banned these scumbags from handing out porn/prostitution advertisements, but the city was sued by ACLU on grounds that it was a violation of freedom of speech and they won. Make no mistake, this is