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Caesars Entertainment So WOKE they now allow homeless addicts inside Casinos

Over the last 14 months of the Sisolak shutdowns, we have covered the growing problem of violent drug addicted bums that have been allowed to set up camp inside Casino’s doorways along the Las Vegas Strip. Now, these same violent addicts are being allowed to roam through billion dollars casinos, harass gamblers, and setup camp on the Casino floor, completely unchallenged by Casino management.

It seems that social justice politics has been so infused into management’s culture, that they now allow homeless drug addicts to use casino floors as their personal living rooms. Over the last couple of days, we have witnessed homeless addicts dragging their trash through the casinos, digging through Casinos trash cans, and being allowed to sit for hours at slot machines in clothing that is literally soaked in feces and urine.

The smell is nauseating beyond belief, but apparently these disgusting bums are now more important than the tourists who came here to spend money – tourists who are now forced to inhale the smell of shit, piss, and months’ worth of body odor in order to gamble inside of a Las Vegas Strip Casino.

As can be seen in the video above, we have personally witnessed these bums go unchallenged by Casinos security and Casino management inside of Harrah’s and the LINQ – ironically, just a couple of weeks ago we were literally kicked out of this same area for eating a pizza without having a fucking mask on.

Harrah’s & the Linq have become a hotspot for violence and drug addicted bums

Here is just a small fraction of what we’ve seen over the last couple of months in the same area. Why are we catering to these people? Is this really what Casino CEOs think will bring back tourists?

Homeless Addicts OD’ing in the doorways of Harrah’s Casino Resort
Homeless Addicts starting fights and attacking tourists on the Las Vegas Strip
Homeless Addicts setting up Camps outside of Las Vegas Strip Casinos