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Buying Votes? Sisolak to Use Taxpayer Money to “repay” COVID-furloughed government employees.

Steve Sisolak

In the latest slap in the face to people who actually work for a living, Governor Steve Sisolak announced that he is stealing more taxpayer money to pay for people who didn’t actually do any work.

Sisolak said he plans to restore furloughs for state employees on Thursday. The “furloughs” were announced in 2020 and took place in the first half of 2021 as part of a “cost-cutting measure” to balance the state budget during the pandemic. Now, people who didn’t work will be paid by the governor in what many are calling a bid to buy more votes in the coming election.

Sisolak plans to include a line item in his proposed 2023-25 state budget which will cost an estimated $25 million and will be paid for with federal American Rescue Plan funds. Why useless state employees, the actual non-essential workers, will get more of our tax dollars as small business owners and real hard-working men and women still suffer from the Sisolak shutdowns is beyond comprehension.

“During Nevada State Employee Appreciation Week, I want to say thank you to our state employees who work to better our state every day and provide critical services on behalf of Nevadans,” said Gov. Sisolak. “This restoration is just one way to say thank you for your personal sacrifice to keep the State afloat during difficult financial times, and I am pleased to have the opportunity to pay that sacrifice back. I will continue to look at ways to support our critical state workforce during the next Legislative Session.”

A few questions for the Governor:

  • What about all the small businesses you bankrupted? Are you going to pay them back too?
  • When will you demand Democrat Susie Lee pay back the $5.6 million in COVID funds she stole for her husband’s casinos, as she flew around on her private jet to her 17 homes?
  • Where’s the money for the non-government workers and business owners you shut down and targeted for destruction over the last two years?


  1. If he’s using federal funds to pay the furloughed employees, doesn’t that mean that they have to repay the unemployment they received? Meaning, the state actually gains funds in the deal.

  2. I was unemployed last September 10. Even though I was told I was eligible for unemloyent and how much I would receive, to this day I have not received a dime. I have called the unemoyment agency 4 times(that I actually got through to some one) and was told no adjudicator had picked up my case to check it out to make sure I was eligible. It is now 8 months later and all my savings have been used up and no one in the government run unemployment office has looked at my case. There is nothing more inefficient than that nor screams we are just here to steal your money than that.

  3. Been cleaning up your mess with DETER and CHAP and lack of a contingency plan to support hardworking individuals and families in the Las Vegas valley for over 2 years Sir to the tune of nearly $300,000+ and your government sponsored nonprofits who were more concerned about employee wages and bonuses and galas that were maskless while you to.d everyone to wear a mask, rather than assisting our community of hard working residents. Just saying..

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