Home News Bums now Living in the Doorways of Las Vegas Strip Casinos

Bums now Living in the Doorways of Las Vegas Strip Casinos

Bums on Las Vegas Strip

On top of having to worry about being assaulted, stabbed or killed by the Ghetto trash that has taken over our once great city, you now have to worry about navigating a minefield of methhead, disease-ridden “homeless” bums who are now setting up mini-homeless villages that line the Las Vegas Strip.

They are everywhere, in the bushes, in the alleyways, and even right in the doorways of billion-dollar Las Vegas Resort/Casinos – you literally have to step over some bum that just shit himself to enter the casino, then, ironically be yelled at by Casino security if you don’t have your compliance mask on, because PUBLIC HEALTH, Man!

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It seems Metro Police have given up, it seems the city’s Casino Executives just don’t care, and Las Vegas now resembles a third world country more than a world-class tourist destination.

Public Health Man!!!

As small business owners are harassed by the city/county brownshirts, told they are not allowed to have over 25% occupancy, no more than 4 people at a table, and risk being shut down if someone pulls down the face diaper, the same “public health” officials allow bums to shit on the strip – not to mention the fact that you CANNOT walk on the strip anymore without breathing in a constant stream of marijuana and whatever other drugs the Ghetto trash now smoke openly on the streets.

When the assholes in the city tell you this is all about public health, remember they are the same bastards that allow this shit…