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Criminal gangs using bike events to disrupt Strip Traffic and Assault People

What the local media is reporting as innocent groups of bicyclists getting together to ride down the Las Vegas Strip, is anything but innocent. The actual story, that the local media refuses to cover, is this is yet again organized gangs and BLM/SJW type organizations that are purposely promoting events on social media designed to disrupt traffic on the strip and cause even more chaos in our city.

Over the weekend it’s estimated that some 2,000 bikes hit the strip, weaving through traffic, kicking cars, and causing traffic jams along Las Vegas Blvd. The events are now an almost nightly occurrence on the weekends, and the criminal element in the crowd has increasingly become emboldened by the lack of police response.

While some may be innocent kids and smaller bike clubs caught up in the mix, a bunch of useful idiots that don’t realize they are being tricked into helping, the BLM affiliated organizations who are starting or co-opting these rides are using social media to promote the events as a way to disrupt lives and cause trouble throughout the city. In fact, a number of the so-called promoters and “bicycle clubs” are using videos of their clubs purposely stopping traffic on the strip, harassing police officers, and even assaulting security guards and tourists during their events.

Local media ignoring that this is an Organized Nationwide BLM tactic

While our local media wants to play stupid, it’s not hard to see this is a nationwide effort led by BLM and social justice warriors as a way to spread their ideology and chaos throughout the country. In fact, Bicycling Magazine ran a glowing review of the tactics, claiming it was a great way for protestors to fight racism.

As the magazine put it, “bikes have become more than simply a method of transportation. They’ve become a tool for societal change.”

The movement seems to have started in New York, with a BLM group called Street Riders NYC that claims to be 15,000+ strong. In New York, as many as 6,000 riders get together almost nightly to disrupt traffic and help protestors move throughout the city. The tactic has quickly been picked up by BLM organizations and their affiliates in cities throughout the country, including Las Vegas.

UPDATE: Over the last 24 hours, numerous juvenile delinquents have begun calling our offices and sending vulgar death threats. For some odd reason these braindead morons can’t seem to figure our that our story is talking about criminals, not your average person with a bike. That being said, when you call, email and send death threats over our video, which shows these so-called innocent clubs assaulting people, it doesn’t help your case to make death threats!

The death threats and calls are all coming from people associated with a group called TeamSE7EN — they are one of the groups that proudly posted themselves assaulting security guards! Ironically, they start out screaming that they are not criminals and are not associated with BLM, then proceed to make death threats! A number of them have already scrubbed or deleted their social media accounts, but that’s okay we have the screenshots! We are also working on getting the death threat phone calls from morons who oddly targeted the web hosting company that hosts and designed our site — I guess these morons were too stupid to block their caller ID so it shouldn’t be hard for the police to track them down!

We have identified one of the local BLM groups that is trying to embed in these rides as a local media-supported group called More Than A Hashtag LV. A number of local journalists seem to be embedded inside the group, which would explain why the media refuses to cover what is really going on here in Las Vegas, and seems to be constantly smearing Las Vegas Metro!

What they don’t tell you in their tweet, is the months of chaos that led up to the arrest, and the fact that these BLM affiliated thugs have been surrounding Metro and attempting to force confrontations.