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Beauty Bar in Downtown Las Vegas Served Eviction Notice

The Beauty Bar in Las Vegas

An eviction notice was posted on the door of the Beauty Bar on Friday Night, citing “lewd activity” and “disorder.” The popular bar, just east of the Fremont Street Experience at 517 Fremont Street, has been a hot spot for trouble recently.

The notice was posted by Beauty Bar’s landlord citing multiple reasons for the eviction including:

Multiple incidents involving Metro Police…tenant has failed to maintain all activities in a decent, orderly, respectful manner. Tenant has permitted lewd activity, disorder, disturbances and other activities which has endangered the health and safety of patrons and interfered with the quiet enjoyment of the neighboring tenants.

Beauty Bar Eviction Notice

Roxie Amoroso, a veteran Vegas promoter and musician who has played in bands like Pigasus and Crazy Chief, took ownership of the bar in November after Corey Harrison, one of the stars of History Channel’s Pawn Stars, mysteriously stepped away from the business he once ran.

Cashed Out Playing at the Beauty Bar in Las Vegas.

The day before being served the eviction notice, Amoroso posted a message to her Facebook page that read:

Anyone want a bar in Vegas cheap? No, free… Wait! I’ll pay you!! Not much though cause I’m poor now. Seriously. Fuck. This. Shit.

Amoroso says she plans to have her attorney file a stay against the eviction, as well as filing for damages against the landlords, on Monday. But judging from the Facebook post, it seems she already knew this was coming.