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Beatings and Fights at Hyde Park Middle School in Las Vegas Covered Up by CCSD

Hyde Park Middle School Fights

Over the last couple of days, since our report of the brutal beating of a girl at Las Vegas High School, parents from around the valley have started sending us videos and reports of daily brutal assaults and riots inside Las Vegas Schools. Earlier today, we documented several fights, riots and even a school employee who was attacked and beaten inside Legacy High School in Las Vegas.

Now, we are learning of a number of attacks at Hyde Park Middle School in Las Vegas. Hyde Park is sold to parents as a Magnet School for gifted kids, sadly it’s anything but a school for the gifted. In fact, once parents enroll their kids at Hyde Park they quickly find out that they sent their kids into just another CCSD warzone.

A concerned parent sent us video from inside Hyde Park Middle School in Las Vegas.

Years of unreported violence, stabbings, riots and gunfire inside CCSD schools…

Sadly none of this is new for CCSD schools. For the last couple years, we have been covering the almost daily violence and assaults inside Las Vegas Schools.

Your Kids are not safe at CCSD Schools!

Please read our article on the benefits of homeschooling and how to homeschool your child in Las Vegas! Their lives depend on it!


  1. This is nothing new for this school. Bullying is tolerated here , until the kids can’t take it anymore and finally defend themselves. My child has reported on numerous occasions how she been treated. Nothing is done about it until the child can not take it anymore then lashes out. As mychild did. Now she has been expelled out of school 2 weeks now from Hyde Park Middle School. Coming from Student of the month, A B student, to a Fs in a matter of weeks. Something needs to be done about this school and staff who cares needs to be hired.

    • BS! If you are a parent go to the school district and tell them she’s being bullied you have a winning case, but as a parent you’re obviously doing nothing about it and letting your child beat on another student NOT COOL you have poor parenting skills and if your child is acting like this she’s definitely not an A student, stop lying

    • That girl deserves JAIL TIME! it looks like she’s trying to knock her out unconscious into a coma that’s attempted murder right there

  2. Ace: I’m an education consultant. If you want, I can help set up a homeschool plan for you and get you out of this nightmare.

  3. Fake news, i go here, it is not a “warzone” as you call it, but if someone does bully you, 99.99% of the time you just give a good thonk to the head and they go away.

  4. Hyde Park my kids went there and didn’t have any issues. But now my youngest is at Cashman and before xmas break her and my niece walked home and got jumped by 4 females one went to clark. My child doesn’t feel safe returning there. Then she got into a fight weeks earlier and the girl who jumped her pulled her hair out . She came too me and said mommy I’m tired of fighting for no reason so now she won’t attend and I can’t force her if she doesn’t feel safe and school officials act like they aren’t hearing me if someone can help me set up homeschool I would appreciate it.

  5. All of this 24/7 racism media brainwashing is making it difficult for students to go to school together today. This isn’t right. I want the real owners of these media companies held liable. It’s obvious this obsession with racism it’s being forcefully directed from the top down.

    • I agree completely. I go to this school in the magnet program and nobody in the program acts this way. Most of these fights happen with the kids zoned for Hyde Park. At school, I have no issues with fights whatsoever. I wish the manager of this site was held liable, yet they are allowed by the law to publish “news”. Unfortunately, all we can do is express our disapproval and try to navigate readers away from this site.

  6. I’ve been going to Hyde park for 2 years now almost and it’s not always like this the only reason someone is gonna fight you is if your talking real bad about them or someone they know

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