Home Crime Man Brutally Beaten over a Taco on the Las Vegas Strip

Man Brutally Beaten over a Taco on the Las Vegas Strip

Strip Taco Fight

These are the events that now happen nightly on the Las Vegas Strip, the events that our local media refuses to show you because they don’t fit the agenda.

One of our sources sent us this disturbing video of a man being brutally beaten in what looked like a fight that started over a taco at Taco Papi on the Las Vegas Strip.

Here is the backup video on Twitter, since some fucking douchebags over at YouTube are trying to censor the truth on what is happening here in Las Vegas…

For over a year now, the Las Vegas Strip has seen an unprecedented amount of violence, largely in part to the criminal gangs that now own the Strip and attacks from mentally ill, homeless drug addicts that are allowed to setup camps in front of the casinos. Not once has Steve Sisolak, Dina Titus, or any other Nevada democrat held a press conference to address REAL-LIFE crimes, murdersfights and stabbings, and riots that occur almost nightly on the strip, on Fremont Street, and inside the Casinos

But oddly, they have found time to talk about fake crimes in Chinatown and they’ve found time to put out proclamations that will help to fan the flames of violence within the city.