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Double Standard? Bars & Restaurants Not Allowed to Open at 100% as Casinos allowed to Fully Reopen!

Las Vegas Bars

Caesars Entertainment became the latest Las Vegas Casinos corporation to be rewarded for coercing their workers into taking the experimental COVID shot.

Caesars Entertainment says its nine Las Vegas properties will return to 100% capacity on casino floors, as local small business, bar and restaurant owners are asking why they are being punished by government officials as Casinos are allowed to do business as usual.

MGM Resorts International, the Strat, WYNN and the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas have all been allowed to reopen at 100% after threatening their employees with job terminations if they didn’t take the shot. They all hit the magic 80% vaccinated number, and all got to reopen.

As of today, every major strip Casinos is now operating at 100% capacity. This comes as Clark County officials are threatening local business owners that if 60% of the public isn’t vaccinated by June 1st, capacity restrictions for local businesses will stay in place.

The county is so desperate to push the vaccine number past 60%, that they are now pushing kids who have zero risk of dying from COVID to get vaccinated as well. These sick bastards are telling people to load the family car up with the kids and come get vaccinated as a family so life can “return to normal”.

Local Casinos not only threatened their workers with job terminations for not complying with their vaccination policies, but they have also offered up their marketing departments and signage to help push the propaganda on the public!

Are Vaccination Passports Coming in Las Vegas

As we reported earlier in the week, Casinos throughout Las Vegas are now starting to require their guests be vaccinated in order to participate in normal activities.

On Monday, The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, owned by the same Casino operators who run The Circa and The D, announced that guests who want to attend live music festivals at their venue would need to show physical proof that they had been vaccinated against COVID or proof that they received a negative PCR test within 48 hours of the event.

On Tuesday, signs went up at Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts telling guests that if they had been vaccinated they could briefly remove their masks WHILE SITTING outdoors at the pool.

For almost a year now we have been reporting how Casino CEOs have been colluding with Nevada COVID Taskforce head Jim MurrenAndrew Pascal, Steve Sisolak and the Gaming Commission to push mandatory vaccination programs and vaccine passports. In April, bar and restaurant owners started getting letters telling them that capacity limits would not be lifted until put policies in place to force their workers to take the shot!