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Ballys to Close Sportsbook and cater to Teens with ARCADE

Arcade Vegas Strip

It seems Casino operators in Las Vegas have learned nothing from the nightly violence on Fremont Street, most of which is coming from younger teenage gang members who are allowed to terrorize adult visitors.

Today, Bally’s Las Vegas announced that as part of its rebrand to Horseshoe Las Vegas, the property will get rid of its sportsbook and replace it with a large arcade this fall.

The arcade, brilliantly named “ARCADE,” will cater to teenagers, pretty much guaranteeing this will become the new hotspot for nightly gang violence. Caesars Entertainment says the venue will have over 80 games, from classic arcade favorites to latest releases, in a 7,000-square-foot space.

“We are excited to introduce unique experiences that will resonate with our guests at Horseshoe,” said Jason Gregorec, SVP and General Manager of the property. “The ARCADE will welcome all ages and open the door for a broader audience.”

These people are fucking morons! Say goodbye to business travelers and gamblers; the new Las Vegas caters to kids, gangs and people who have NO MONEY!


  1. I think this is really good news since i really like arcades and it seems like arcades are a dying breed. No problem with shutting down the sportsbook here since you can visit the HUNDRED other sportsbooks here and at better casinos. Will def go here when this opens.

  2. Why cater to people who have no money??? Who is making money from this?? Who is making these decisions??

    I remember wha tit was like to be underage when visiting this town! Back in the late 70s, you weren’t even allowed to use the casino entrance if you were under 21, you had to enter through a rear door to get to your room or to a restaurant!! Even by the 90s, they had loosned up but still banned anyone from walking on the carpeted areas (tile areas only on the edge of the casino floor) and were advised to keep moving by security. Why are they suddenly creating floor space for minors????

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