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Las Vegas Metro, Security and Local Media Ignored Violent Homeless Problem, Now a Retired Cop is Dead

Bums on Las Vegas Strip

Over the weekend, we reported how yet another attack from a homeless drug addict had turned deadly on the Las Vegas strip, now we are learning that the assailant has a long history of violent attacks that have gone virtually ignored and unpunished.

Police say Brandon Leath is accused of killing retired Connecticut State Trooper Thomas Driscoll, who was visiting Las Vegas from Massachusetts. But the saddest part of this whole tragedy is it could and should have been prevented.

Leath is well known to not only the Casinos, but to Las Vegas Metro as well. In fact, many of the people we have talked to say it was only a matter of time before he killed someone.

Homeless Killer Brandon Leath

Before killing a man over the weekend, Leath had already committed multiple violent attacks including beating a man unconscious in a local convenience store, attempting to sexually assault multiple women, and threatening to stab another man with a screwdriver. Victims say many of these attacks were ignored by Metro, claiming in many cases Metro didn’t even bother showing up after 911 calls were placed and reports were filed on Leath.

Sadly, this isn’t shocking, we have literally witnessed multiple Homeless people smoking meth and harassing tourists in front of Las Vegas Metro Police and Casino Security who did nothing to stop them.

Dereliction of Duty: City, County and State Officials Ignore the Very Real Dangers they are Putting on Tourists!

There are hundreds of mentally ill drug addicts just like Brandon Leath wandering the Las Vegas Strip, most go virtually unchallenged by Las Vegas Metro and Strip Security, even while actively committing crimes and harassing tourists in full view of authorities.

For months now we have reported on the out-of-control gang violence and attacks on tourists at the hands of the homeless drug addicts that have taken over the Las Vegas Strip – the local media, Metro,  Casino Security, and Casino Executives have largely ignored the problem.

From bums sleeping and shitting themselves in the doorways of Strip Casinos to vagrants shooting up, overdosing and even trying to fight Casino Security, the problems on the Las Vegas Strip are far beyond out of control, they are downright deadly.

Here is just a small part of what we have reported over the last 6 months — keep in mind the local media could have sent camera crews to cover the problem at any point over the last year. This is not hard to find!

We are still trying to confirm who this is in the video, but people have reached out to us saying that a video we posted of homeless people violently attacking each other may have featured Brandon Leath or some of the criminals he associates with. Keep in mind, as can be seen in our Tweet we tagged the City of Las Vegas who did nothing!

Retired Connecticut State Police Trooper ID’d as the victim.

One of the saddest parts of this tragedy, is a man who served his community for 22 years as a State Trooper was killed by someone who should have been locked in a cell long ago!

If you pay attention to local media, I have yet to see any of them acknowledge that the victim was a former cop. I guess the local media feels reporting on the fact that a White Police officer was killed by a violent black homeless man doesn’t fit their agenda!

Thomas Driscoll
Retired CT State Trooper Thomas Driscoll

The Connecticut State Police issued a statement: 

Thomas Driscoll retired from the Connecticut State Police in 2009 after 22 years of service. Driscoll served most of his career on patrol at Troop H – Hartford and Troop B – North Canaan. He also was stationed at Bradley Airport. It saddens us to hear that he died after being assaulted. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.