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Another Week of Chaos in Las Vegas: Shooting Number Two at Planet Hollywood

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It’s now been months of unrelenting chaos throughout the city of Las Vegas without a single word from Governor Sisolak, the City of Las Vegas, or Clark County officials addressing the mass-violence and destruction.

Over the weekend, we yet again witnessed dozens of incidents, most unreported, most we will never know what really happened – mostly because our useless assholes in the media don’t seem to care, it doesn’t fit their agenda!

It’s not hard to find, this was the first incident we encountered just getting of the 15 on Friday night. We do have to give it to this Metro Officer, he covered some serious ground to catch one of these little bastards…

Then over on Fremont Street, we had multiple racially motivated attacks that went unreported, here was one of them.

To Metro’s credit, they are attempting to do something:

Unfortunately, the entire city seems to be slipping into a state of complete lawlessness. In fact, locals can’t even bring their kids to a pumpkin patch without worrying about being assaulted.

As the City of Las Vegas sends out mask patrols and government compliance teams to make sure no more than three children are playing at a park at any time, criminals have turned the Strip into their own playground.

And then of course, we capped the weekend of with several fights in front of Planet Hollywood and the second shooting since they opened last week.