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Another Strip Stabbing: Homeless Addicts Have Knife Fight in Front of the Luxor

Luxor Las Vegas

As the Governor’s COVID policies turn Las Vegas into a Third-World Hellhole, yet another stabbing has been reported on the Las Vegas Strip — and here comes the shocker, it yet again involves the homeless drug addicts who have been allowed to terrorize the Strip for the last 2 years.

One of the addicts was hospitalized with serious injuries after being stabbed in the neck while on the sidewalk in front of the Luxor Hotel and Casino, according to Las Vegas police. The stabbing was reported about 5 a.m., Metro spokesman officer Aden OcampoGomez said.

The suspect has been taken into custody on unspecified charges, OcampoGomez said.

Record Violence plagues Las Vegas

This is just the latest in a long sting of attacks on the Las Vegas Strip. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve had a murder inside the Rio, a shooting inside Bally’s, a housekeeper killed at Bally’s, a man beaten almost to death for not wearing a mask inside a Las Vegas storea man stabbed by a homeless man inside the Paris Casino, a man shot 11 times by a homeless addict in Chinatown, and countless assaults inside Casinos and throughout Las Vegas.

Sadly, we’ve covered the violence almost daily over the last couple of years and the problems just seem to be getting worse! Here is just a small sample of what we have covered:


  1. Please explain your stupid reference about the Governor. While I am no fan, how is 2 homeless people fighting his fault? I’ll wait for your stupid reply

  2. Sissy is that you? Or maybe you’re one of his useless daughters.

    I have lived in this town for 30 years (longer if you count my time going to UNLV) and I used to feel very safe here – even on the Strip at night. Thus garbage didn’t happen back then. There were some shennanigans but overall, you could have fun here day or night with little worry. Then this clown Sissy decides to shut this town down for “2 weeks to flatten the curve” which has now lasted almost two years! Sure they reopened the casinos, forcing people to be masked (science does not support it as protection), closing most buffets when they did reopen (a staple), putting people out of work and now this jab for jobs mandate (both illegal and unprecedented). Then he tried to destroy mom and pop landlords by giving them free rooms via another illegal moratorium (no moratorium for the property owners though – they still had bill to pay while lazy tenants took nasty advantage). He also made a ton of money for himself (and his “Covid task force”) with PPE and other investments related to it. Now he’s trying to force the jab passports in places I pay for (entertainment venues, etc.) . Then he made it harder to be recalled. Then he changed the voting laws and made ballot harvesting legal – not to mention the 100K illegal votes that came straight from CA (via the homeless) and then there’s the problem of 52 voters living at the same house who received a ballot.
    Another voter’s address was a mine in Pahrump! Still another voter had the address of various empty lots! This is unconscionable!! This pig should go now – we shouldn’t even wait until the next election!

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