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Another Overnight Las Vegas Strip Shooting: One Shot Near Flamingo Casino

Flamingo Shooting

Around 2:20 AM, our city experienced yet another shooting on the Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas Metro Police say one person was shot early Thursday morning on Las Vegas Boulevard north of Flamingo Road, near the Flamingo Hotel & Casino and the Cromwell.

The victim was rushed to the University Medical Center and is expected to survive. Las Vegas Metro hasn’t released any further details, but we have learned that the suspected shooter is still on the loose.

Mass Violence on the Las Vegas Strip Ignored by Government Officials

How many people need to be shot, stabbed or killed before Governor Sisolak says something about the violence?

For over a year now the Las Vegas Strip has seen unprecedented levels of violence. In fact, over the last ten days, we have seen numerous unreported attacks by homeless drug addicts, a stabbing at the Cosmopolitan, criminal bike gangs attacking tourists and security guards, criminals trashing our infrastructure, BLM fighting with tourists, and a man being brutally beaten by a pack of thugs over a taco!

Now you would think these stories would be headline news on all our local media outlets; you would be wrong. In fact, as we’ve reported numerous times this week, our local media is not only ignoring these stories, but we’ve caught them actually helping groups like BLM cause even more chaos on the Las Vegas Strip.

We’ve actually got our local media on camera filming BLM violence that they later in the night reported as a peaceful protest!

As we’ve reported, if you are under 40 years of age you have a  323% higher risk of being murdered in Las Vegas than dying of the Coronavirus, yet our city, state, and county officials continue to ignore the record levels of violence, and instead push out democrat propaganda on fake crimes that are not happening in Chinatown.